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What are some MUST OWN games on Steam? Rate them from most expensive or most computer power needed to least.

I have three favorites on steam that my life is perfect with:


La Mulana

and... oh... Guacamelee has a soft spot in my heart. Especially since they released the Super Turbo Championship Edition. Who doesn't like a game with chickens?

They're all around the same price (Guac STCE is probably more) and all pretty nice to the processing power of a computer.

I like Terraria for its multiplayer lovin, and the way it takes a game with simple blocks (a lot like Minecraft) and on a 2d platform makes it both challenging and addictive. The boss enemies are insanely difficult - requiring ingenuity to defeat -, and there's even a Spirited Away reference in it.

La Mulana hits a sweet spot for me because, like Terraria, it's got bosses that can taken your frustration to the max. One hit and you die sort of game. There's an easy mode and hard mode. What I like about this game is it's a standard 'go places and beat bosses' but with an almost detective aspect to it to get from one area of the game to another. You need a notebook to beat this game, which is reminiscent of games in the 80's and early 90's. And not only is it tricky to figure out to an extent that many balk at the difficulty, but there's also a special Hell's Temple mode that only the elitist of the elite can defeat. Just ask SharloPG =P

Guacamelee is #3 for me because it's got a fun, basic plot, doesn't take itself too seriously, and (like the other 2d platform games on my list) is challenging. You play as a luchador trying to save the girl of his dreams and defeat the badguy, however you've subsequently died and been dragged into the alternate universe of the dead. Then there are the chickens. Anyway, long story short it's a great game. The Super Turbo Championship Edition adds more to the original game, as well as some much wanted backstory for one of the side characters that gives you guidance in the original. Another win for this game is the mods. There are tons of fan-made costumes and looks for both the main character, the chicken, and more, that you can dl and use in your game in a heartbeat. Well worth the investment.