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"What happened?" Liz asked as she looked at the cut on his eye. His sister a former student and now one of the nurses in the school. Peter closed his eyes, pain still rippled through his body, the bruises that covered his skin had turned a shade of violet.

"I'm not sure..."

I'm not sure what is worse... Being punished for something you did not do or living with the secret. I don't remember what I did. I have dreams, but the doctor says that it's my imagination trying to fill in the blanks...

I ran away... or i was kidnapped not sure. The family pretends that it never happened and if it was not for the dreams... well they would probably succeed. i go to school, i keep this journal, i try to fit in yet i feel broken...

Those where my thoughts, my feelings, but it was not my voice saying these thing, these most private of things. One class ended and I walked down the hallway. It was a common scene the school bullies making a fuss, all while the sheep crowd around him, but today it was different, I didn't hear screaming or the sounds of a fight, all I heard was the voice of Truck while the kids giggled. I walked toward my locker as I rolled my eyes... Then I realized they where crowding my locker...
"So you started a fight?" She asked as she shook her head, applying an ointment to the cut. Walking toward the medicine cabinet, she started to pull out some aspirin for the boy, here she though he was starting to fit in, starting to live a normal life...

"No... I didn't start a fight"
"Well well... if it ain't our hero..." Truck said as a grin formed on his face, "You have an interesting book here nerd" the bully started to walk towards me, as he did all the other students parted, everything got quiet. I saw it in his hand my journal... I hated that thing but the doctor insisted that it was for the best. Truck flipped through the pages stopping at one very familiar section...

“Truck is a stupid sack of bricks…No wonder he still in elementary school, probably will be here long enough…” his voice trailed as he glared at me hands curling into a white knuckled fist of doom, before I could do anything I was being wailed on by this mountain of a kid. I blacked out before it all ended...
"Thats it?" she asked as if i had on purposely left out details. I knew that look, raised eyebrow, hands on the waist, she shook her head. "Well if that is all you remember then, I won't worry your little head about it." I could hear it, a giant BUT... "You always said you wanted to visit more often..." shook her head once more, "Welcome to the school..."
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