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Rose looked at Josh and knew she was in for a world of hurt. It both excited her and made her feel bad. She hadn't meant to piss him off but seeing Janelle and frightening her had been too good to pass up. As a feline, she liked stirring the shit pot. Choas ensued after the gun shots and she ran with Josh, keeping her purchases close. She knew better then trying to reason with him. She would take her punishment.

"Alright. Just be careful." Aurora took Lily from her husband and got the infant and the distressed woman into the car. Settling into the passenger seat, the driver was told to go.

Janelle was silently crying as she curled herself into a ball. The nightmares Drogo had calmed a year ago came crashing back into her mind. The drive to Drogo's didn't register to her and neither did the car stopping and Aurora getting Lily out.

"Janelle, sweetie, you need to get out of the car," Aurora said in a motherly tone that made Janelle whimper and flinch.

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