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Name: Kabuki Yamasaki

Keyword: 914K

Age: 14

Gender: Male

School: AHS

Grade: 9

Race: Meta-human

Appearance/Clothing: Kabuki is what someone might call a 'Wild Card'. His long, black hair reaches his ankles, resembling a lion's mane. His prominent bangs are only pierced by his cool blue eyes. Somewhat eliciting his sharp, handsome facial features. Kabuki is fond of baggy clothes to cover up his small and skinny frame, usually wearing loose jeans and Hoodies whose sleeves completely envelope his hands. An accustomed addition to this strange outfit are the various hoarded items tacked to Kabuki. the most noticeable decorations being test-tube sized vials of holy-water strapped to his belt, a metal gauntlet only worn on his left arm, a scratchy string necklace imbedded with a cross around his neck, plus, a large black leather pauldron poistioned onto his right shoulder. But, the most absurd object found in Kabuki's wardrobe has to be his beloved demon mask. The mask, a eerie shade of dark blue, bears a row of prominent, interlocking teeth and is always worn by Kabuki. A type of habit if you will.

Personality: Kabuki is a very impulsive, reckless, and awkward person, his many quirks obviously labeling him as an outsider. Kabuki stays away from personal confrontation, usually wearing his anonymous demon mask while making unnecessary eye-contact or other interactions. He also shows no interest in thinking things over, usually going for the first conclusion presented to him (the same goes for fighting). But, though Kabuki is known as a very 'unnatural person', he contains a large amount of determination and moral to counter his flaws. Kabuki doesn't dream of becoming the proud, genuine hero of tomorrow, but just to revive his honor and become stronger in character and physical ability. He sees the world in a clear view, seeing every wrong turn as another scar to make your skin tougher.

Special Powers/Weapons: Kabuki is a mostly self-trained exorcist monk. He specializes in quick and blinding tactics using an energy called 'Ki', that flows in every thing, supernatural or not. This technic is normally used for fighting demons, but is also suitable for mortals if needed;

-Unnatural Agility; Kabuki has the reflexes estimated at that of a cheetah's or jaguar's. This honed swiftness allows Kabuki to dodge and strike opponents with 3x that of a professional martial artist.

-Exorcism Touch; Using the energy within everything, supernatural or not, exorcist monks can create an ominous blue flame around their hands by solidifying 'Ki' into a tangible form. This fire comes out of the nervous system of the summoner, appearing out of his/her fingers and palms. Upon touch, targets feel a non-lethal stinging pain similar to getting shocked with a car battery. The fire, a supernatural object made of pure Ki, overloads the victim's nerve system on contact to the skin. This excess energy, derived from the monk's fiery weapon, must be released from the system. This results in the non-lethal 'jolt' of pain, with the inserted Ki being shot out of the victim's system. This damage is much like using a taser.(This attack is negated if the victim's skin is either thicker or More dense then a block of iron.)

History Before Arrival: Kabuki's past is nothing short of prejudice and hate. Kabuki's strange personality has always been with him, it was developed at birth. He was always found on the sidelines, the last picked on the team because of the other, 'normal', children at his rural Asian monastery. At only the age of 3 he grew to become pleasant with being alone and indiffrent, doing nothing else but study and train. This is all he ever wanted to do, the only thing he wanted to use as an excuse to get away from the others. But soon, the monk elders noticed his unnatural behavior, and became skeptics instantly, causing Kabuki's loneliness to only advance. A few months before Kabuki's initiation into the monk's life and duty, at the age of thirteen, Kabuki was accidently invited to a martial arts competition held by his fellow students. Completely impulsive to show off his derivative skills, Kabuki took up the offer to show off the fruit of his labor and presented himself at the challenge. Kabuki astonished every pupil with his technique, causing jealousy to rise within them. This would be the last Kabuki ever interacted with these sinned children.
A fire intended as a prank started in Kabuki's quarters that night, consquently burning down his entire living area, Caused by his fellows. Though he survived, Kabuki could say otherwise. The elders, their prejudice beliefs burning into Kabuki's destiny, charged Kabuki with witchcraft and sent him out into the dangerous land alone, calling him a dishonor to saint-hood and exorcism life. Though this was not intended by the devious pranksters, their smiles grew with the thought of 'him' leaving. Kabuki soon learned the pains and methods of life, his survival dependant on his naive street skills. He started a new life in the illegal martial art circuit. He furnished an extraordinary $30,000 in a year from beating men and women twice his size in a makeshift stadium. Soon, he heard of AHS from a mouthy audience member. He decided he will register to begin to regain his honor, and become someone stronger then he was. He will become Someone that will prove to the mislead men of his monastery that he was never the demon, he will become someone stronger and wiser. Someone who seeks honor other then revenge...
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