The Rules of Brackenridge

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Good evening, my friends. I am Pinnyfert, acting head butler to my master, the good Doctor. It is, of course, wonderful to see so many of you in attendance. I apologize for asking you to wait out in the cold for a bit. I was under strict orders not to allow any guests inside the Manor until the stroke of 6:00 PM. As it is very nearly that time, I have a small list of things we here at the Manor request of you.
  • If you are not wearing your issued costume, you will be barred entry. No exceptions.
  • If you remove your costume, you will be asked to either put it back on, or leave. No exceptions. On that note, we had hoped you would embellish what we sent you as if it were a template. Additions and minor alterations were encouraged.
  • If a door is locked, guests are barred entry. All other areas are open to enjoy.
  • Characters are limited to one thread at a time. Players may participate in as many threads as they have characters. If a character wishes to join a new thread, they must abandon any previous one.
  • Please mind that an Admin such as Icarus may chime in with new information. Pay attention to what they say, for it may change how your characters react.
  • Do not accost the staff. They are not paid enough to deal with your shit.
  • And above all else, have fun!
If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask any member of staff. They are tasked with aiding everyone as well as they are able.

Ah! The tolling bell! 6:00 PM everyone! [Come in, come in!]
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