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Dark Prince
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In this Issue of what will be our new school newspaper we want to bring you the juices stories we can without getting detention from the principal. New school, new turf, and above all new name! Yes this is our first big move, we are a paper from student for students and for that...

To help us pick a name four our beautiful creation, because our creation if your entertainment, and since where NOT the official school sanction paper, we can say things the competition would only wish they could.

He said She said!

We got a couple of big stories in our very first issue!

Remember the Arena!? Rumor has it that a group of teachers and a company that been helping Meta's in our recent situation are trying to move that old place to the island, how are there planing to do that we don't know, but anyone who's been to the arena know very well that its a well known mystical location.

Tropical Fever! Our star field reporter was getting to know the island, trying to understand our new home before we moved along to write about it, in his travels along the school coast, he discovered the most interesting sight, two young love birds spending time together, now one would wonder why waste column space on this? Well one of our love birds who we shall name Mr. Matchsticks is well known as one of the schools bad boys, while the other number is the young lady who we will call Miss Bonsai to once more protect her identity, there IS a picture of these two young love birds playing hookie and skinny dipping... But we have decided to keep it in our blackmail archive... And keep a close eye on this couple...

Now who wants a cookie?

Are we there yet?!

The CARNIVAL is coming to town, and there's going to be all sorts of awesome games and even a tournament, I'll be there will YOU!? [/This announcement was payed by some weird kid with silver eyes and red hair...]

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