Hiroto Sato
Honor Student
Location Georgia - North enough to not hear banjos.
How did you find AHS? Search Engine
Interests Japanese born lad raised in Georgia, adopted into a loving family. Love video games, and bacon. Currently working on a Degree in Computer Game Design at SPSU in Georgia. It's a fun degree, and my love of games doesn't hamper it. I'm learning IT, CSE, and CS as possible minors. I collect swords, knives, and other forms of weapons for no specific reason. I have a small beagle mixed dog at my house, which has claimed my bed as it's own.

Thats probably all you want to know, but if you have more questions feel free to ask. I don't bite. Usually.

Here are some accounts that I have, so if you also have accounts for them feel free to add me.
Steam: Grifreaper09
Ogame: Grifreaper09
LoL: Grifreaper09

If you haven't noticed, theres a pattern here.
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"Animals understand me, and people hate me. Should I have been an animal?"
- Hiroto Z. Sato
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"Grace, strength, abducting women, throwing shy guys into orgies, blowing up old ladies, and nearly dieing of laughter. The Japanese way."
- Big Red, Shadowrun