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OOC: Trigger using his rune.
"Check on the kid," said the old man at the helm of the ship. Normally they waited till they had a big group before sending an expedition out into the old world, but he received direct orders to get the small group out and in the hands of the Academy as quickly as possible.

The waves caused the old fishing boat to rock, old wood and iron seem to grunt at the stress of the punishing sea. Unfortunately for the young Behemoth sea legs where not something that he had.

The runes carved in the ship added protection, but the old magic could not compete with the forces of nature. The young sailor knocked on the door to the room, he looked at his watch while wondering what there would be for supper now that they were about to hit port. No answer came from the room so he pulled the key chain from his belt and fumbled around the many keys until he found the one he was seeking.

The old hinges put on a fight, but with a low screech the door parted. The small room was nothing fancy, the bed barely fit in the space, laying face down, looking a shade of green was young Trigger. In one hand he had the invitation letter to the school crumpled in a powerful grip on the other an empty vial of what the captain called 'sea legs' a strong potion that was supposed to help the boy with the sea sickness.

"We arrive at Port in a hour," the sailor said as he kicked the bed frame, "Clean up and pack up..." the boy grunted, "If the Captain sends me down here again..." he said with sharpness as he slammed the door closed and stomped away.
Trigger waited for his turn, the line was short but it was moving slow. As passengers left, workers would slip in between the gaps bringing supplies in. Trigger stepped through the doorway and the dark gave up to the sun, in his current state it didn't even cross his mind to put on his shades, blinded by the bright light he stumbled on the boardwalk and leaned over the water. His eyes slowly focused, yet his stomach kept sloshing around causing him to puke for the umpteen time.

"Stupid the sea..." Trigger mumbled as he slowly brought himself up an realized he might have spoken to soon, he was in a island one that was substantially smaller than Japan. His nausea kicked him hard once more, he leaned over the water, trying to calm his stomach. The reflection in the water was unknown to him, he had been working on his unseeing rune for a while, but had not had the pleasure of getting a good look in the mirror or in this case his reflection on water...
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