Eiga Incorporated Recruitment

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Honor Student
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6:14 PM - Feb 19, 2012 #1

Radios around Japan's meta-community tuned into to WDMV radio station would halt as an announcement came over the air.

"Are you a unique individual, looking for job security in an organization known for it's focus on bettering all of humanity? Are you looking for steady pay, amazing benifits, and a very lucrative retirement plan? Eiga Incorporated is that organization, and it needs you today. If you have a drive for bettering humanity, love money, or need benifits Eiga has a position for you. Just go to www.eigainc.com today and fill out the free application. Eiga has been leading the way in new medicines, technologies, and world research and wants you to be a part of their journey to a better tomorrow."

The voice shut off and the regular programming continued.

"That was an announcement from one of our sponsors. Eiga Incorporated, sign me up for that job!"

"That's right. And now back to our original programing. This is Linkin Park's The Catalyst."

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