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Contact Details: PM Newlight or Staff for any questions
Requirements for the race: An application. Just apply for a Celestial like any other character. Newlight will look it over and stamp it. Please note that when you apply for a Celestial, whatever Archetype you chose is part of that Celestial's race title. (Archon Celestial, Crusader Celestial, etc.) Also, you must add your character's specific "purpose" as a section in your profile, no matter which template you use."


Many different things could be considered a Celestial. A literal angel, an unseen guardian angel, one's muse, karma, a good "spirit", etc. They are there to ultimately do good, and never evil. Each celestial has a fundamental driving purpose behind them, and that call is incredibly strong and controlling. They don't have to be a strictly "heavenly angel" type; they are a mass of "positive" energy. They can be an incarnation of karma, a person's muse, a protective spirit of the earth, a literal angel, or just a physical embodiment of good will. A celestial can ultimately be anything and take on whatever form that best helps them achieve their purpose. But one thing that is entirely universal about all celestials is that they are ALL around for the betterment of the world as a whole.

Origin: Celestials are very rarely born, and more often "made" or formed. They usually start as a mass of positive energy and gather to form a physical being and are engrained with their "purpose" when they are needed. They may or may not have a higher calling or being to answer to, for they may just be there to do good for humanity with no chains attached. Either way, it is their given purpose that drives them, and they are unable to go against it. Whether that comes from the will of the many, drive of karma, force of the spirits, power of God, etc. From a human's stand point, they believe them to be guardian angels, nature's judgment, an individual's creative muse, and any number of things.

Purpose: As has been mentioned already, ALL Celestials have some sort of "holy" purpose. Their purpose could be as vague and general as to rid the world of evil, to something as specific as being a guiding and protective muse to make sure a poet writes "the" poem. Guard and protect all of humanity, or just a single person. Inspire someone to create a work of art that will inspire peace around the world. Even something as simple and cliche as spreading happiness to people or maybe even just doing "heavenly" research for the higher ups on what it's like to live as a human. The only requirements to the purpose are that it DOES have to be fundamentally good, and can NEVER be anything evil or harmful (unless it's specifically punishing/banishing/killing evil). Refusing to do (or at least taking steps or continuing to do) one's purpose will result in the Celestial being gradually drained of their positive energy until the point that they cease to exist. It should be noted that with development of things and character, one's purpose CAN change—be it from totally completing one's purpose or from finding a higher calling.

Code of Conduct: Sort of like purpose. All Celestials have a code of conduct that they must uphold at all times. And similar to purpose, upholding this code of conduct and promoting its practices replenishes a Celestial's positive energy: keeping them strong, healthy, and at their fullest potential power. The code is to always do and promote good and general welfare wherever the Celestial goes. And because a Celestial feeds off of and is powered and sustained by positive energy, promoting goodness serves the Celestial's purpose and essentially improves and makes themselves better as well. Anytime a Celestial's words or actions promotes feelings of happiness, thankfulness, love, or stops something bad from happening, it creates positive energy that they can replenish/sustain/or feed themselves off of.

Positive Energy: This is what all Celestials are comprised of. Though most of them have a human (or humanoid) shell, they are not human. They are made and held together by the positive energy around them. And anytime a Celestial works to fulfill their purpose or does good things or makes others happy or experience other positive emotions, it creates positive energy. And this positive energy is what "fuels" the Celestial to keep on and be able to use their powers.

Population Size: Unknown. Guestimated to be in the hundreds or thousands.

Appearance: For the purposes of the board and ease of roleplay, "most" Celestials have taken on a humanoid shell. Looking human usually best helps them carry out their purpose. A Celestial's physical shell is not limited to anything, though. As their appearance, again, is best suited to help them carry out whatever purpose they have. So it may not be uncommon, for example, to find a Celestial in the form of a tree that gives advice and blessings to those who walk by it. Or a dog that grows flowers and vegetation wherever it may step on the countryside.

Religion/Doctrine: A Celestial may be a creation of God or any other divine figure. And as such would have whatever religion/doctrine/dogma they're a part of. But a Celestial can likewise come from absolutely nothing and thus just exist. It's all up to the one creating the Celestial. And since there is no way to prove the existence of deities, a Celestial may only believe they're a creation of a deity.

Race History: Good and Evil have been around since the beginning of everything/anything. And for as long as the forces of evil have been around (or perhaps longer, no one knows for sure) there have also been the forces of good. More often than not, these "forces" of good are the Celestials. And their histories are just as vague and obscure as their origins. The history of one may never be the same history as another. It is just known that they are there and they always have been and always will.

Racial Powers

Race Specific:
[+] Spoiler
Celestial Body: As mentioned before, even if they appear human Celestials are made up entirely of positive energy. This means that in addition to healing and regaining their power like a humanoid does, they are able to replenish themselves in all ways by feeding off of positive energy. It can be used to quickly heal wounds, get rid of fatigue, or recover from using their powers. But on the other side, if they go too long without rest or creating positive energy through their purpose or deeds or use their powers too much, they begin to deteriorate as they use up the positive energy they are made of. This can cause them to show symptoms of being ill or exhausted, even to the point of becoming injured.

The benefit of this means that Celestials are unable to get sick. They can go without food, water, or sleep indefinitely by feeding off of their own positive energy (so long as they continue to create more through their purpose and deeds). And as such, a Celestial will strive to always put themselves in the middle of places where they can partake in large amounts of positive energy (like at a festival with everyone having fun and being happy), or at a church during gatherings of worship. If the celestial body is devoid of any positivity for a long amount of time, the Celestial will simply cease to exist.

Miracles: The ability to conjure miracles is a staple power of all Celestials. And it is a very diverse power as well, covering a variety of convenient and helpful and even at times very powerful powers, but NEVER harmful or deadly. Creating a modest light, turning a rock into food, creating a much needed rainstorm, a healing touch, or even just a simple little magic trick to make the kiddies happy. Miracles are never used to harm or inconvenience others, and only ever used to help or please others (but never the Celestial using them). Miracles are made from the Celestial's own positive energy and thus weaken them with each use. However, the Celestial's are often careful with how and when and for whom they use their miracles. Because rightfully timed and placed for enough people to benefit from, the positive energy it creates from the people it helps will be enough to give back what the miracle cost the Celestial. Also note that the miracles can NEVER be used to personally help the Celestial him/herself since there is no positive energy created from that; they can ONLY be used to help/protect/make others happy.

Every celestial's miracle power falls into a category that would best suit their purpose. You can apply for different categories later on, but you MUST start with only one. (NOTE: Feel free to write up your own unique category if none of these seem to fit.)

Sustenance: Miracles in this category aid humans in basic survival. A celestial that can bring about miracles for sustenance can conjure small amounts of food or turn small objects into food. They can conjure clean water or make unclean water safe, or bring about a few minutes of rain in a drought. They can conjure warm blankets in the winter, and a bit of shade in the blistering sun. They can mend or conjure basic articles of clothing, but only if they are needed like a winter coat or some shoes. This includes a healing touch, but only for very minor injuries and ailments that could *later* compromise a human's survival. For example, a cold that has the potential to turn into pneumonia if not treated early, or a cut that could become infected if left alone.

Morale: Miracles in this category are meant to life humans' spirits. Anything conjured from this kind of miracle will be purely for fun or entertainment, and can NEVER be used to help with something life-threatening. They include conjuring/turning things into small toys for children, little magic tricks to entertain people, minor illusions that please the senses (the sound of music, the smell of mother's cooking), conjuring sweets and candy, growing flowers for a lonely old woman, or bringing out the sun for a few minutes on a cloudy day. This category does not include a healing touch, as it meant to help humans with emotional and mental issues rather than physical.

Health: Most miracles in this category have to do with major healing. A broken leg, a deadly case of pneumonia, a bullet to a major area, etc. This power can not cure incurable diseases, but they can ease the symptoms. They cannot heal the dead or replace lost limbs. Other miracles in the area of health would be conjuring medicines or specific food that the body needs, like citrus for someone lacking vitamin C. This is similar to sustenance miracles, but more specifically focused on situations of dire need and major healing.

Defense: These kinds of miracles can help protect humans from danger. Miracles of this kind can include weakening fires long enough for humans to escape, briefly cloaking a human when they are hiding from an attacker, conjuring small distractions like sounds or lights, conjuring a bullet proof vest in the midst of a shoot out, conjuring a shield, slowing rapids to retrieve a child, etc. These miracles are in pure defense or protection, and can never aid in offense. Weapons of any kind can NEVER be conjured for any reason. Keep in mind that these defenses are imperfect, and a savvy predator or an overwhelming force may still have the potential to do a lot of damage. Think of these miracles as handing some guy an umbrella in a rainstorm. His shoes still might get wet, but he'll have just a bit more protection. Defense miracles are meant to lend aid to charges in dire situations, but they won't always be able to save them.

Secondary (REQUIRED) Power:

Celestial Archetypes

Everything written in the main post for Celestials applies to all created Celestials, no matter the archetype. However, all Celestials belong to an archetype and it is a part of their race title ("______ Celestial")

All Celestials, no matter the type must always: promote "positive" influence, have the same minor powers detailed above, and follow the Code of Conduct. All of that makes them what they are.

Their archetype is what sets them apart from the others. It helps refine and give them more direction with their Purpose and Code of Conduct, as well as a single major power specific to their archetype that can better help them carry out that more refined Purpose and Code of Conduct. It should be noted, however, that no archetype can EVER supersede the essence of a Celestial. (For example, a "Fallen Celestial" that has no Purpose or Code of Conduct. Or some kind of "Tainted Celestial" that has been corrupted and is evil instead of good. These would have to be completely different races with no relation to this one.)

A Celestial CAN be of multiple archetypes if the creator of the Celestial so desires. However, they may only begin with the power of ONE archetype. All other powers must be applied for and gained later. Also note that the kind of power listed with the archetype is only the usual and "SUGGESTED" type. You're free to pick an archetype and then pick one of the other archetypes' powers if you so desire. If none of the archetypes seem to describe the kind or Celestial you wish to make, then CREATE your own archetype (**detailed later**).

Archon Celestials
[+] Spoiler
Muses, creative energies, sources of divine inspiration.

Purpose: An Archon Celestial's purpose is most often to create and inspire. To the Archon, there is no greater source of positive energy than the creative/productive energy. Create and inspire.

Possible examples include: creating something that the world couldn't possibly live without, inspiring a great world leader who will positively influence the masses, influencing/inspiring a single person, create a song or work of art that will inspire and motivate people for years to come, or even just helping people through speeches/sermons/etc.

Common Skills: Some form of art, playing music, dancing, a craft, tinkering with/repairing things, inspiring others, giving rousing inspirational-movie level speeches, creativity

Power of Creation: The power of the Archon is that of creation. Creation of any type. Be it growing trees/flowers, repairing someone's house, mending a torn shirt, creating unique mechanical pieces, raising a large protective wall of metal out of the ground to protect someone/one’s self, repairing a broken electronic device, strengthening the materials of a building to withstand a coming tornado, or turning something into something else (like rocks into food and dirt into water). The larger and more complex the creation/repair, the more positive energy it drains from the Archon. Also, like basic principles of alchemy, it is easier to create something from something that already exists (a tree out of the earth), as opposed to creating something from nothing (a functioning cell phone out of thin air) and thus it takes less energy from the Archon. The power of creation, like all other Celestial powers, is often used to help people since the positive energy created from doing a good deed for someone(s) can help restore some/all/more of the Celestial's positive energy. The power of creation can NEVER be used to "destroy" or break something. [NOTE: The above is a detailed description of the category of powers your Archon's power can fall under. When you pick Power of Creation, you must make your Celestial's own unique creative power that falls under this category.]

Herald Celestials
[+] Spoiler
Messengers, wanders, travelers, angels. Herald Celestials spread happiness, joy, hope, and all that other good stuff wherever it is needed.

Purpose: A Herald's purpose isn't geared in any specific direction. Other than that they tend to fulfill their purpose wherever it is most needed since they have the power to more easily do so.

Common Skills: Balancing, navigation, athletics, running, swimming, driving, piloting, anything really to do with "traveling"

Power of Fundament: More specifically, the powers of movement and travel. At its very basic, a Herald can move much quicker and easier than others. And oftentimes their power allows their movement to be unhindered or less hindered by the world around them. Perfect balance at the very least, walking up walls and across ceilings at the most. Some Heralds can walk "through" floors and ceilings, or teleport long distances at great energy cost. In some cases, a Herald is able to grow a pair of wings (appearance varies) and take flight.

NOTE: The above is a detailed description of the category of powers your Herald's power can fall under. When you pick Power of Fundament, you must make your Celestial's own unique movement or travel power that falls under this category.

Guardian Celestials
[+] Spoiler
Guardians, protectors, wards, watchers.

Purpose: A Guardian's purpose centers around, as the name suggests, guarding someone or something. Or as the case may be many someone or somethings. A Guardian's job may be to protect people from harm whenever they can or whenever they see someone in danger. Or it may be more limited, guarding one specific person or place from any/all danger.

Common Skills: Architecture and carpentry (for building defenses), survival skills, judge of character, judgment calls, emergency solutions, strategies, observance, perceptiveness, endurance, and toughness.

Power of Sentinel: As one would expect of a Guardian angel, they are quite good at protecting themselves and others. Thus their main power is "protection." This can sometimes take the form of an invisible barrier that protects themselves or someone else from harm. Oftentimes these barriers can shield a small or large area and can be in one direction or omnidirectional. Of course, the more area it protects, the more of the Celestial's energy it costs. Likewise, the stronger an attack is, the more energy it costs to negate it. Some other common powers for Guardian Celestials are heightened senses (vision, hearing, scent, etc.), intuition, protection charms, sensing danger, etc. Basically anything that would aid a Guardian in protecting their charges.

NOTE: The above is a detailed description of the category of powers your Guardian's power can fall under. When you pick Power of Sentinel, you must make your Celestial's own unique protection power that falls under this category.

Gatekeeper Celestials
[+] Spoiler
Seers, prophets, witch doctors, shamans, holy men, church clergy, exorcists.

Purpose: The purpose of the Gatekeeper usually focuses around "watching" the world and making sure things are the way they're supposed to be. If wrong is being done, they intervene. If some entity is in the world that shouldn't be there… they’ll seek to remove it. Be it a demon, ghost, spirit, vampire or other undead, monsters, etc. Even meta-humans, depending on the specific view and purpose of the celestial. The less zealous and more open-minded Gatekeeper might not intervene immediately and will instead simply "watch" these abnormalities and wait until they have stepped out of line before seeking to remove them.

Common Skills: Psychic readings/fortunetelling, researching, investigation, logic, observation, perceptiveness, judge of character, academics. Most have a more scholarly approach to the world .

Power of Censor: Gatekeepers powers help them to maintain a watchful eye on the world around them. Some of them have heightened senses or intuitive/psychic abilities. Many Gatekeepers have a "second sight" in which they're able to see things that other people can't. This sight makes them able to tell if someone is a human, meta, angel, demon, or something different. Others are able to see "powers" of all kinds, even ones meant to let people go unseen, like invisibility. Some can even see if someone is under the influence of a power (mind control, possession, curse, blessing, etc.) Some can read emotions to a degree, as in surface emotions and the vague cause of such emotions (found love, bad childhood, bad day, had a baby, losing a loved one, etc.) Other Gatekeepers have the power to dispel “false” powers. These include powers that cause things to appear in a false light (invisibility, illusions, power generated darkness, etc.) or in ways that are making someone act/behave/function unnaturally (mind control, possession, curses, blindness/deafness/etc. caused by a power, etc.)

NOTE: The above is a detailed description of the category of powers your Gatekeeper's power can fall under. When you pick Power of Censor, you must make your Celestial's own unique observation power that falls under this category.
Crusader Celestials
[+] Spoiler
Soldiers, combatants, warriors.

Purpose: The purpose of the Crusader is to simply vanquish/destroy/kill/smite/punish evil. The Crusader feels the best way to deal with evil is to simply beat it until it isn't evil anymore, it's afraid to be evil, or it can't do evil anymore. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Common Skills: Plain and simple combat skills, crafting tools of destruction, intimidation

Power of Smite: Crusaders don't just harm evil, they smite evil. The celestial focuses their positive energy into a punishing force against evil (or something that is a product of evil). If used against something inanimate, the Crusader's touch is able to completely destroy it. The amount of energy required depends on how large and to what degree of "destroyed" it is (much easier to warp an enemy's sword than it is to instantly blow up an enemy complex). If used against living things, it doesn't instantly destroy them, but it makes whatever attack the Crusader uses on them strike/damage/hurt much more than normal: poke some demon and send it flying, punch it and end up punching through it. In addition, some creatures are products of evil plain and simple and can be smitten freely. Demons, devils, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, all of the "bad" creatures.

(With the exception of the "bad" creatures, The Power of Smite can NEVER be used against a non-evil person or a non-evil person who isn’t committing an evil deed. To do so will cause the attempt to fail and the smite will backfire on the Crusader three-fold, as in three times more harmful than it would have been to the creature.)

NOTE: When you pick the Power of Smite, you must specify the unique way your character smites things. The Power of Smite can be channeled through a weapon of the Crusader, the touch of a Crusader, "blessed" arrows, a specific attack or punch, a blast of energy sent in the creature's direction, etc. The only requirement is that however the Power of Smite is used, it MUST make some kind of physical contact. In the example of an energy blast or blessed arrows, range attacks have to actually touch the victim. If the blast or arrow were to miss, the smite wouldn't harm them. (Whether or not the Power of Smite could unintentionally harm something other than the target if a range attack missed must be specified.)

Creating a New Archetype/Power

STEP 1: Be sure to follow the established template.

Code: Select all

[b][color="insert color"][Name][/b][/color]


[i]Common Skills:[/i]  

[i][b]Major Power:[/b][/i]

STEP 2: Do that creation thing you do so well~

[Name your Archetype] - Make it sound like something "good" in nature, or something divine or holy. And give them a color you feel best symbolizes them

[- Give a few examples/stereotypes that would fall under this Archetype]

Purpose: - Give a general/typical purpose to this Archetype. What is their holy/divine/good-natured purpose that drives them and allows them to continue existing? Keep in mind that this is nothing "specific". It's a very general purpose. Like creating/influencing, protecting people, destroying evil, etc. Those who create a member of your Archetype will choose their "specific" goal. It's up to you to just suggest a starting point here.

Common Skills: - You may have seen this in the other Archetypes and wondered about it. Not every Celestial to come from any given Archetype is a "cookie cutter" by any means. However, they are all formed around the same essence and a similar purpose. Thus, it's not uncommon at all for Celestials of the same Archetype to have similar skills that help them accomplish their purpose.

Power of ______: - Name and come up with a power. Again, make it sound holy/divine/good'esque. And just for theme, yes, it DOES have to be called "Power of _________". It might sound cheesy, but look my fellow dude/dudette... these are celestials. They have to sound dramatic. It makes them feel turbo-special.

- Now, coming up with a unique power can be a bit tricky. Because it can't be something that is already covered by the power your Celestial and every other Celestial has "Miracles". And Miracles is a VERY broad and encompassing power. Because it basically does anything that:

1) Helps someone(s)
2) Doesn't harm anyone.
3) Doesn't benefit (only) your Celestial

So, the obvious power and Archetype that is missing above is a "Healer", right?

1) Many instances of healing are covered by Sustenance and Health miracles.
2) Healing your "own" Celestial is covered by the Celestial Body power.

See? While there's not an archetype that does the obvious "angel" thing and cures people... ALL Celestials are capable of healing people and themselves. So yeah... be creative, and make sure your power isn't something that the other two minor powers wouldn't already cover.

STEP 3: Post it up in the Approval Forums and get that thing accepted! Make sure to note that you're not apply for a separate race, but you're instead making an addition to this one.

Also, if a mod or admin asks you to change something for them or to provide more detail about something... don't hassle them. Seriously. I mean, I've already caused more work for them than normal by "inviting" you to freely make additions to this Race.

So be cool, yeah? Bee coo~

And then once it's been approved, the Mod/Admin who approved it can edit it above into this post.

Thank you for your contribution and enjoy~ :)
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