Can I Rust? (Open)

Hiroto Sato
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Hiroto Sato
Honor Student
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The hot springs were quiet, peaceful, and strangely empty. It wasn't exceptionally late, but it was close to about 8 o'clock at night. It was dark, and Cid only found his way thanks to his flashlight. Cid had spent the better part of an hour making his way up to the hot springs. Cid walked over to the nearest pool of water, putting his towel down next to it. His swimsuit was blue, but he left a white t-shirt on. His robotic arm slowly slinked off his shoulder as he undid the straps; the battery pack landing with a loud thud beside the towel. The arm slipped off, landing near the battery pack before slipping into the water.

"Oh come on, really? Well at least no one is in the water."

Cid knelt down, undoing the wires from the battery pack to his arm. At the very least he wouldn't get electrocuted now, but Cid was still careful as he got into the pool of steaming water. Sinking into the water, he let out a rather loud sigh. The water rushing onto his muscles was nice, soothing his sore muscles from days of work. As he laid there, his mind wandered around, thinking of future ideas and friends. His thoughts drifted to Abril, who he'd not seen for some time, of Kayle who died during the original attack on the schools.

Cid's metal arm was shifting slightly around the bottom of the pool of water, clanking lightly against the bottom. The stars shining in the sky above were quite clear, even with the minor lights from the school buildings below. "Ahhh... Something about this feels just right. Ease of stress, night sky shining... Even the temperature seems just right."

The wind blew gently, washing the steam all around the area.
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