An apology and plans ahead

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Dark Prince
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September 29th, 2017, 9:14 pm #1

Hello Anime High School. As you all know I've been gearing into trying to fix all the issues that we are currently having with the site. Already reached out to ensure I can keep the sites domain be active for long time to come. Also I have plans to bring the activity up and tell the world hey we are still here double digit strong.

Now I apologize as some of you know I'm in the military, till recently I was deployed on the other side of the world, doing what I do best with computers and radios. I though when I got back home things would slow down a little and I would be able to be more active, and get all my plans rolling. Sadly I changed commands shortly after my return and was forced to ramp up once more and if that did not make my long days long my family all still lives in Puerto Rico which has been shaken to the core by the last hurricane, I haven't heard from them yet. Nonetheless my goal is to breath life into our little corner of the internet. We have amazing writers and great ideas I'll keep pushing strong cause this is just a small pebble in the way of this sites long and colored history.

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