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Any advertising for other boards or sites can be placed here, regardless if you're a member or not.GUEST FRIENDLY

Forum rules
Rules For Advertising There must be a [b]GUEST FRIENDLY [/b] area on your board to post ads so we may post an ad on your site. It must be easily found as well(Cant be buried forums deep).

Other Notes:

We will only keep one ad for your forum in here at a time. At anytime you would like to update, create a new ad here with a note saying update in the topic description and the old one will be removed.

Do NOT create an account just to post an Ad. It is unneeded.

Unfortantly, due to some spam we are getting, this forum is now under mod approval, your ad will be checked as soon as possible after posting. Do not post your ad multiple times.

[i]If you are posting an Ad for EZboard, you will need to post an ad for us on your board as we have been banned for posting ads on EZ. This also includes Yuku(The updated version of EZ). [/i]
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