A Public DISservice to Our People

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It was fair into the middle of the day on that Wednesday afternoon when the message first aired. All day long and on loop until the tech teams around the school and Domino were able to free their systems from the airwave hijacking that had occurred. The message was hard to miss, because it cut programming and networks and invaded every television on every channel for several hours. Classrooms, dorms, apartments... all over the campus and the town of Domino. But the main reason it was hard to miss?

... Because the message would mean something to everyone in one form or fashion.

It began simply with a simple man on a simple everyday news reel. Kai Rondo, a middle-aged man running a family-owned business in Japan. A small business owner who wanted to make it clear that any metas who dared to set foot into HIS store would be met with complete hostility and FORCED to leave if they had to. Kai Rondo: a man instilled with both fear and courage from the news of the attacks on the metas. Kai Rondo: the example to be made.

And then....... the message. Delivered in a method that some may be familiar with, courtesy of cinema. Brought to the metas by someone known by no name. And referred to only as "The Host" during the following days.
- - - - - - - - - -

"Good evening, friends."

"I would like to recall your attention to events that all of us would like to forget but must never forget. I speak, of course, of the attacks on our people over the past couple years. Two to be exact. And I feel I need to speak no further than that on the topic, for your own memories of fear, anguish, grief, and hate can undoubtedly serve to remind you more than my words ever could. We all lost friends, families, lovers in those tragedies.

Mr. Rondo is a nobody. He is a nobody who would rally behind and support the ones who caused us such unjustified casualties and grief. As such, I, your humble host, would push for those of us who will never forget... to make Mr. Rondo into a somebody. A somebody who will be remembered."

The masked man folded his hands and leaned forward, looking into the camera as if the blank eyes of the sculpted mask were looking straight into the eyes of everyone who had suffered. The ones who mattered.

"We have been nice. Exceedingly so. We have continued to sit back and mind our own business... to not retaliate. To be good little boys and girls and simply forget and forgive... so that maybe-- maybe-- we'll be accepted and forgiven for having the audacity to be different than humans. To be chosen by nature to be greater and better than our human brethren. Accepted and forgiven for being something that their small closed minds cannot begin to understand."

He was silent for a few seconds. Then The Host shook his head.

"But we tried. And still the irrational fear and hate for us continues to exist. And mark my words... there will be another attack against us. More of our kind *will* die. Because who should fear kicking a sleeping lion if it never bites you back? No friends, I think it is time we bite back. Time that we give them reason to fear us... and come to understand that it is in their best interest. Interest for the sake of their own survival that they accept us. Not through peace and understanding as we have tried, but through fear and force... as seems to be the only way left. And Mr. Rondo... poor ignorant Mr. Rondo... will be made an example of. To show the world that even if we can't find the ones who attack us then hide... we can find those who so openly support them. And that their cold-blooded murdering terrorists will not save and protect them."

The Host then leaned back in his chair, turning slightly... and gestured to the side where a map would suddenly appear on the screen, showing the location of the store.

"A map, showing exactly where Mr. Rondo's store is located. Annnnnd..." He pointed twice below it, and like some sort of magic trick, the address as well as the coordinates appeared. "... address and coordinates. So that they can be located however you see fit."

The map and the text remained as The Host leaned forward again. "Dear friends... we will be met with opposition. Likely from some of our other dear friends who have been indoctrinated into believing that peace is the only way... who continue to believe that the attacks will stop so long as we continue to tuck our tails. I have no doubt that, unfortunately, this small act of war will cause a divide even among our own ranks. Thus, we must be steadfast. Dedication to this cause will be all or nothing. Because instead of sitting around and waiting for the world to change to accommodate us... we will be forcing the world to change for us. So those of you who wish to see to securing a future where this world will be a safe place us, our kind, our loved ones... then join in our cause. This is a small step, but the ball will finally start rolling. And once it starts... it will move fast.

One week from today. 19:00 hours. Our act will be to simply destroy Mr. Rondo's store. To punish his foolishness by taking away everything he has and having him feeling lucky that is all he lost for his foolhardy support of something that has caused such tragedy for us. We will take his livelihood. And should he live up to his bravado and oppose us as he says instead of accepting his dues? Well... we will take his life as well. And our message will be heard."

..................... End of message.

- - - - - - - - - -

And over the next several days leading up to the attack, the entire school campus would be booming with activity over the event. And just like The Host said... there seemed to be a split. And huge numbers on each side. Two groups. One who supported the attack, a way of finally striking back after seeing that nothing would result from sitting idle. And the other group being those who were against the attack, believing that it would only result in MORE support to those who had been attacking their schools.

Everyone realized the importance of such a seemingly small thing, how this small thing would turn into something HUGE should it be followed through with. One question was on the wind and exceeded all other priority:

Which side are *you* going to be on?