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Board Rules


1.1 The only language spoken/written on this forum is ENGLISH.
1.2 Debates are allowed only in the Debate forum and must be conducted in a civilised manner. Flaming of any kind will not be tolerated.
1.3 Content of posts should not be offensive, racist, discussions of demerit commodities unless it is posted in an educational sense.
1.4 Don't use all CAPS in your post title, it could look offensive.
1.5 Respect decisions of the staff, as they are usually final. Removing a moderated message will result in a warning.
1.6 If you have a problem with another member of this community, use the Personal Message ( PM ) button to tell a staff member ( Moderators or Administrators ) about the situation and we will try to resolve it.
1.7 Usernames created for the purpose of advertising another site will be immediately deleted, and the ip banned!
1.8 No porn, nudity or any other offensive content allowed!


2.1 Avatars cannot be greater than 130x130 pixels ( height x width ) and 55KB in size.
2.2 Image placed in the signature cannot be bigger than 300x450 pixels (height x width).
2.3 Images shouldn't be offensive in any way.
2.4 Avatars & Signatures cannot contain any links to a blog or forum without prior permission from a member of staff.
2.5 The staff reserves the right to remove any avatar at any time.


3.1 All links must be coded using the tags.
3.2 All images must be uploaded on an image host. DO NOT hotlink images from other sites, i.e. wikipedia.
3.3 Use of PROTECTED MESSAGE is not allowed.
3.4 Do not bypass the word censor it can result in a warning.
3.5 Posting referral links to try and get some extra cash are not allowed.
3.6. The posting of links using links protectors is forbidden. Users posting protected links will get a warning, then a ban on the 3rd offense.
3.7. Spam posts like "+1" or a smilie by itself are not allowed and will be categorised as spam.


4.1 You must have a minimum of 5 posts to make requests.
4.2 Take your time to and use the SEARCH function to see whether a similar request has already been made. In most cases, it has already been posted.
4.3 Request should be made in the appropriate sections.
4.4 Don't make requests in topic's, we have a request section or use the pm button if you have a question for the original poster.
4.6 Do not request anything against forum rules.
4.7 Be precise when requesting: write EXACTLY what you are searching for.
4.8 Once your request has been fulfilled, please add [Solved] in the front of your post's title and report the topic so it gets closed.


5.1 A maximum of 3 warnings can be given to a member of this forum. These can be earned by breaking any of the above rules.
5.2 After receiving a 3rd warning, your account will be banned automatically. This can never be undone.
5.3 You will lose the warnings throughout time.


6.1 A maximum of image size to be posted is 800x440 pixs
6.2 All images must be uploaded on an image host. (ie) image shack, tiny image. and get forum link and post that .


7.1 NO Home made baits are allowed in any Comp on server unless admin and testing team have said so.
7.2 NO Home made Venues are allowed on server .
Ask kevinj9 if ok to test on server Frist and send him Venue frist.
We will test your baits and venues but if you whant them on the downloader send them to Simmers dreams for for Validating.
7.3 ALL BAITS & VENUES must be sent in jr.2 unless told.