READ ME: please read this before posting a link

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Welcome the links forum, part of the links database!

Note the following guidelines for posting a website's link here:

* The site must be a non-profit fan or personal website, blog, forum, etc.

* The link should be posted - along with a brief description of the site's content - in the appropriate thread. (Registering at the forums is not required to reply to a thread.)

* If the site doesn't fit into one of the categories we have, post it in the Miscellaneous Sites thread.

* Replies deemed as spam (typically those selling something or for a business) will be removed as soon as I see them.

The intent here is to allow visitors to share sites that might be of interest and check out links posted by others. Hopefully these guidelines will add some order to the process.

Thank you for reading this. Enjoy the site!

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