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Interests Halo, Call of Duty, Music, SWTOR, Making Custom Action Figures, Marvel, DC, Air Soft, Swords/Knifes, Lego Games, Masks/Helmets, etc., etc.
Biography An unstable Mandalorian outcast went rouge and joined the Republic as a "Hyper Lethal Commando". This commando's official reports and kill is unknown to many officials, one said "There was so much black ink on it I think I only read four words in the whole thing." Subject is known to always wear a helmet or mask covering face, only his team knows what he looks like.
AoF TOR Rank Flare
JKA Prestige Class Jedi Sentinel
AoF TOR Character Name Savtrian Clawrazor
birthday 30 May 2000
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"You're kidding....right?"