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The IrishDragon of posting =P
AIM screen name Connecticutman19
Location Finland and USA
Interests[|ap|][Name]I.D.[/Name][Age]26[/Age][Gender]Male[/Gender][Occupation]Systems Administrator[/Occupation][Saber Style]Unknown[/Saber Style][Master/Apprentice]AoF clan[/Master/Apprentice][Species]Chistori/Dragon hybrid[/Species]
Position: Leader/Founder of Angels of Fire
Biography IrishDragon (Iriss'ah)
A Chistorian hybrid, created via unethical sentient genetic testing. The Chistori are not known for being a Force sensative species, often fearing and publically pursecuting those among them who possess such talents. When infusing the force, using ancient sith and jedi artifacts, a large section of Chistori's populated capital city was destroyed in a massive force explosion. The test subject Iriss'ah, a politcal prisoner at the time, was the only known survivor. Fearing pursecution Iriss'ah fled from his home world and into exile. After years of self taught training with his new Force abilities, Iriss'ah established an Academy on Korriban, then on Tatooine, and finally on Taspir.
Here he met and trained Jedi, Mercs, and even Sith, until completely converting his academy to the training of Jedi after massive internal struggles threatened to tear apart his academy.
Today Iriss'ah still maintains his presence
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Leader/Founder of the Angels of Fire
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