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Airfix Modelling Special Interest Group (AMSIG)

At the end of 2008 a small group of modellers who had initially met online on the Airfix Tribute Forum decided to display as a group at a few model shows, the first outing was to the Shropshire Model show at RAF Museum, Cosford in 2009. Several other very enjoyable and successful displays followed and the group applied to IPMS (UK) with a view to being accepted as an IPMS Special Interest Group or SIG, specialising in the full range of the Airfix brand since its inception. SIG status was granted in 2009 and we have displayed at Scale ModelWorld in Telford each November since.

We currently display at around twenty shows in the UK each year and occasionally meet up at other events too. As well as pure model shows we are increasingly attending mixed hobby events.

Membership of AMSIG is open to modellers of all abilities whatever their age, gender or nationality, there are no entry requirements other than wanting to enjoy the Airfix brand. Most of us are modellers but those who prefer just to collect, or research, or talk about Airfix are welcome too.

Membership of IPMS is encouraged, especially for those who want to attend Scale ModelWorld but is not a requirement for joining AMSIG. Membership of AMSIG is currently free to all.

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Thomas Weir
AMSIG Leader