Smart-Fx Display Base

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As reported earlier, Andy Kirby won the top prize in the Coventry show raffle which he has lent to me to evaluate.

The Smart-Fx display base allows the user to playback any audio file and syncronise with it several LEDs and a couple of motors.

The base is made from hard plastic and is 400mm square, there are two loudspeakers.

There are a few external controls. The green button starts the programme. The data is stored on a micro SD card.

There is a volume control, power on/off and a socket to take a power adapter (not included in box).

Four small LEDs and a wire to connect a motor are included, others are available to purchase separately. The wires are approx. 30 inches long. The small plug-in board allows testing of the programme.

The circuit board has outputs for two motors and eight LEDs. The plug in board has to be removed before the final LED and motor connections are made.

The supplied LEDs are tiny but very bright.

The Micro SD card contains several sample audio files and lighting sequences (Harrier, Lancaster, Spitfire, etc.) and typically has engine(s) starting, running and stopping with light sequences for navigation and strobe lights. The commands are given by simple text files which are described in the online manual ... er-manual/

All of the components are available separately, this complete kit sells for £99. There is another version that can control 4 motors which is £135.

I like the idea behind the unit but I'm not sure how much it would be used. To get the wires to the model is easy enough, you just need to drill a hole in the top and a diorama on a board could be placed on top rather than permanently dress the base itself but I think it needs to be more than just an engine start. Any ideas?



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I have 5 naughty pigs and the dog we could do a disco scene with the music and lights