Heavy weight pilots

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I have a number of BAe Hawk and Tucano to build.
The Airfix Tucano is a notorious tail-sitter cos its just so hard to get enough weight into the forward part. The Hawk is not just so bad.
One evening I had one of those 'eureka' moments
The Hawk and Tucano use the same MB Mk.10 seat.
I got a good resin seat, carved it up a wee bit, carved up an Airfix pilot then made a mould in special heat-proof rubber.
I can cast the pilot in a seat in lead

On the left; Airfix pilot in a Pavla resin seat, centre; the basic lead copy with moulding block cut away, right; the trimmed and painted pilot and seat ready to install.
The pilot on resin seat weighs less than 1g, the untrimmed lead copy weighs 6g and the trimmed & painted one weighs about 5g

The Tornado uses a MB Mk.10 seat as well but I'm not sure if its the same as the Hawk/Tucano one.

As a special offer I'll cast up and give any amsig member a number of these if they want any. foc

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The tonka is a different seat, but in 1/72 I doubt you'll notice