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1. Registration to Forum - use your First and Lastname only! All registrations made with other names or "plkdfgdds" will be deleted, also Kennel name is not approved. We also hope, that your email is like ...

2. In this forum you cannot mention dogs/people/kennels names, if subject is questionable. Use private messaging or emails to discus these informations.

Third partie cannot publish other breeders breedings or puppy plans, dog's illness or etc. These informations has to come directly from breeder or dog owner. OR if breeder/dog owner has told a friend to tell others in this forum from any matter.

This is because of the fact that message is misunderstood and first positively mentioned name can be blamed for no reason. Common sense is allowed, meaning that of course you can say what she/he has said before in this forum.

3. Admin does not take responsibility at writings in this forum. All messages in this forum are member's own opinions, not admins.

4. We won't delete messages/threads, unless it is really defending or otherwise harmfull that can lead to criminal investigation. In this case thread and all member (part of that discussion) ip-adresses will be restored for further actions if needed.

5. As a user of this forum you are committed that you won't send forbidding, bad-manered, against law or ohterwise untrue material. Please be aware also not to send any material that you are not allowed / you do not own or has written, without author's permission.
REMEMBER: Things you write to this forum, stays in this forum.

6. You are not allowed to quote private messages or emails. UNLESS you have the permission from that person that you will quote. Public texts from web pages etc. are allowed, but it would be nice to mention the source.

7. See what has been sent earlier to this forum and use clear headlines, so it is easier to find your subject. This way we avoid having similar subjects, and also deleting similar threads.

8. Swearing is not nice. Think twice what you are writing, write only in a way that you can also say face to face. Stand behind your words. Ask, if you do not understand.

10. You cannot resign from this forum. If you do not wish to visit this forum, just simply don't. We won't delete your account, or your messages. (See rule 4.)

In this forum you can edit your message 30 minutes from sending it. Editing messages is for correcting any typos or adding missing sentence or something.

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