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Sly Eagle
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23 May 2006, 04:44 #1

Things to note before you post. We're pretty lax, but we'd prefer the forum to not be a wretched hive of obvious scum and villiany.

1- Play Nice. It's okay to disagree, but don't start or participate in flame wars. Ignore this and any warnings we give you and you'll likely find yourself banned.

2- Caution Advisory. Our comic is rated PG-14, really. We'd like the forum to reflect this. We also believe in freedom of expression, so we aren't blocking anything. Just please keep swearing and profanity to a minimum, and if you feel the need to start a thread with "mature" content, please be courteous and mark it with a rating.

3- Spoiler Advisory. Spoilers are no fun, so whether for this comic or any other form of story, please be sure such things are well marked.

4- You Must Be a Real Person. Spammers will be deleted/banned/etc.
If you are fluent in four or more languages, you are multilingual.
If you are fluent in three, you are trilingual.
If you are fluent in two, you are bilingual.
If you speak only one, you're an American.

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27 Jul 2006, 15:37 #2

Acting as the friendly neighborhood moderator, I went and pinned this. Seemed like a good idea as they're kind of on the important side, y'know?
(that, and the topic no longer graces the board with its appearance unless you specify that you want to see topics 60 days old or older.)

And on a slightly separate note, I'd like to add that if you see rule-breakage going on and feel the need to do something about it, you are perfectly free to drop me a PM and let me know what's going on so I can check it out (if I haven't done so already).
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