Search and Rescue - plane and battery

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Search and Rescue - plane and battery

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16 Jul 2017, 18:25 #1

It was a strong (North) crosswind Sat (7/15/2017) morning. I took off my Stuka from East to West. While climbing and did my first turn, the wind pushes my plane to tip stall (Or base on Max description, his P-51 shot down my Stuka :P ), it plunged on the ground (the impact is to large that even we can feel it from the pilot stations). The plane is pretty damage. While trying to pick up all the parts, I cannot able to find the battery.

But thank you to Darryl, Gary and Max, they went back after I left and able to recover my battery. Although, the battery is pretty ruin already, but still, thank you guys!! Greatly appreciated :)