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Plane: MAYHEM Renamed MURHEM
Engine: OS 90
Specs: Wing is 70 in. fuse is 58 inches
Additional information: Small damage and had to recover so I renamed it MURHEM. All radios and engines run well.
Radio: Futaba 7C Transmitter Futaba servos Trans Carry Box.
Price: Make an offer.

Other Items:

WING only - for trainer 48 inch span 12 inch width. Make an offer.

Hitec Radio system with 4 servos etc. Make an offer.

After 50 years of RC - lots of stuff - field box, tools and all ancillary equipment - Tachometer, battery tester for nicads, Sound level meter, Hobbico starter, battery cycler, Engine igniter clips, Field Box, tools like crazy - Metric and Standard, Spinners - Prop & Spinner balancers, all kinds of parts and pieces.

All equipment guaranteed. Open to offers for the entire outfit or parts.

Call me and come see 905 764 3490

Location: 47 Park Lane Circle Richmond Hill