How do I use these forums??

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These instructions will explain how to navigate about the forums and how to create an account
1) The first thing you should know is to recognize the main screen- the main screen is called AMAC forums- shown in bubble 1 in Figure 1 If you find yourself lost and want to get back to the main screen, just click on the part that says Amacforums.

Also, you can tell if you are logged in or not by what it says in bubble 2- if you are signed in, your forum name will be there instead of “GUEST”

2) If you are new to the forums, you have to set up an account. You only need to do this once. To create your account, click the “Register” link shown in bubble 3. A new window will open (figure 2)

In Figure 2, Fill in the boxes all the boxes A thru E and check the “I agree” box (bubble 4) then click “submit my registration” (bubble5)

3) Once you have registered for the forums, go back to the main screen. If you are not on the main screen, just click on the Amacforums link (figure 1 bubble 1) at the top right hand side at any time to take you back to the main screen.

4) Once you are at the main screen, check your login status (see figure 1 again)- if it still shows “Welcome Guest” (bubble 2) then log in by clicking “login” (bubble 6). The login window will now open (figure 3)

5) In the new window enter your name (username that you chose in Box A in the registration process) in F and your password in G then click “log me in” (bubble 7)
**(alternatively, you can log in using the “quick login” shown by the black line for bubble 6 -in figure 1)**

6) Once you are logged in, you will notice that your login name now appears in the upper left hand side (Figure 4, bubble 8) You can now reply to any threads in the forum!
** *ALSO ***notice that once you are logged in, you may have access to club-only sections that do not appear to guests. These sections are below the general sections so you may have to scroll down to see them)

7) For example, if you wanted to check on what is being discussed in the club discussion section, click on the “Club Discussion” link shown in bubble 9. A new window will open (Figure 5) showing you the contents of that section

8) Once there, (Figure 5) maybe you want to see what’s going on with the sun shelter, so click on the “Sun Shelter” topic (bubble 10) and the discussion window will open (Figure 6) .

9) Now you can read what everyone has to say regarding this topic, starting from the top and reading down. (Also keep in mind that there may be more than one page). If you want to add your comments, then click on the “ADD REPLY” button that appears at both the top of the page and the bottom of the page (bubble 11) and a new window will open (Figure 7)

10) Type in your message (bubble 12) and when you are happy with what you wrote, click on the “ADD REPLY” button (bubble13) to submit your post.

And that’s basically it- Please remember that it may seem difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will find these forums are a lot easier to use that you originally thought.

Oh, and 2 final words,

1) You don’t have to check every thread to see if there is anything new all the time, instead, the forums remembers your last visit and tells you if there is anything new since your last visit by changing the ipb circle on the left side from pale blue to dark(er) blue. Figure 8 (bubble 13) So when I log in, I just look for the dark blue circles and I can tell at a glance if there is anything new in that particular section.

2) The forums aren’t a replacement for phone calls or email. Forums are good for DISCUSSION, where you have a group of people discussing a subject over a period of time, or as a platform for announcements where you are expecting replies. If you need to send a quick message to an individual, stick to email or even the telephone.

Thanks, and hope to see you on there soon..
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