Winter trip logs/best entrance for winter camping?

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November 20th, 2013, 3:30 am #1

Hey all, while I realize there are already several threads on here dedicated to the joys of winter camping in AP, my question is this: to those of you who ski in and cold-tent in the deep winter months, what is the best entrance to go in at? I don't know too much about the park in the winter, or where the best ski-in sites are. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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You will be limited by the road plowing that takes place, or doesn't, at the access points in Algonquin. There aren't many backcountry access points that are accessible in the winter, if any.

Take a look at these articles found on the Algonquin website:

Winter in Algonquin Park ... n-park.php

Winter Permits & Information ... t_info.pdf

Did you check out the trip reports under the "winter" tab here on AA? ... rIndex.htm

Here's another winter trip report, which starts at Access #1:

Please take note that the Big Pines Trail and Parking Lot is closed October 15, 2013 to Spring 2014 ... sories.php