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Hi All,

I know this info is here somewhere but I can't find it via search. Hopefully someone can help me out!

We're booked to head in off Rain over Labour Day weekend and I've booked one of the jump off sites for the night before. We'll be coming in very late (maybe after midnight depending on traffic). I know you need to get permits in Kearney. Does this mean we'd need to drive back to Kearney in the am before we set out? Or is there another way to register?

If we have to drive back, I'll cancel the jump off site and book some place to stay in Kearney. Any recommendations there? Word on the street is that Canoe Algonquin Rentals will let you pitch a tent there. Anyone done that before?

My apologies for not having mentioned Canoe Algonquin earlier in the thread... I knew they offered this service, but I didn't know it applied to you because I didn't know you were renting from them. Their lawn is nice and big and I think there are port-o-potties or something, could be remembering wrong.