Shadow/RWS 34 Part 2

Shadow/RWS 34 Part 2

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January 15th, 2007, 2:12 am #1

I recently did a post comparing a stock Shadow 1000 to an RWS 34. Since the RWS 34 is often the gun suggested rather than the Gamo to new folks who happen to drop by to ask, I thought I would do a head to head comparison of the two. My intent was to compare the 34 and Shadow, then tune the Shadow and see if my results were any different.


I have since ordered a tune kit from Rich in Mich off the Gamo Forum and installed it. Let me first say that the kit arrived quickly and the product as well as the literature was top notch. The kit included a Macarri spring, custom guide, custom top hat, trigger insert, appropriate lubes, and documentation. I also recieved a roller and cocking arm guide.

The Shadow was a bear to get apart and back together, but as it was my first disassembly of a Shadow, that was to be expected. I cleaned out all the factory lube, which was everywhere and in copious amounts. After smoothing out some rough edgeds some polishing, a light lap and clean of the barrel, and assembling of the gun with the new parts, it was time to give it a test go.

First shot deisled so badly it blew the muzzle break off... I then shot about 10 or so CPH's out of it to calm the deisling. Afterward, I shot it around a hundred or so times while waiting for nice weather to group it. Been raining here off and on and due to being out of town last weekend, it took me a couple weeks to get to where I could group it.

Cocking the gun was a joy. No noise or grinding at all. Recocking was the same. Firing cycle is much improved with no twang to it; just a nice sharp recoil and thunk. Gone was the testicle jarring twang of before, much to my delight. I ran a few shots over the chrony and found it to be shooting right on 12fpe.

I'd always liked the feel of the Shadow for a field gun but my initial testing confirmed that the trigger was horrible and grouping suffered greatly.

After a quick 15 yard sight in, I moved the target out to 30 yards and gave it a go. First group was 10 shots with CPH's. Not bad, but certainly not what I was hoping for.


My next group was with CPL's. I had intended to do 10 shot groups of each, but daylight was burning out so I settled for 6 shot groups. The CPL's didnt do so hot.


I then tried Crosman Pointed pellets. The groups were so bad, I wont even post them here. I was beginning to get more than a little disgusted at this point. I then tried JSB Express pellets. The groups were more than acceptable. Unfortunate that the gun seems to prefer high end pellets that everyone seems to always be out of...haha. Still, I finally found a match.



I paid $80 for the Shadow and $70 for the tune kit. A total of $150, right at about the same price as the RWS 34. The Shadow now groups as well as the 34, although firing cycle still isnt quite as nice. Power is around the same with a slight edge going to the 34. As a carry gun, I can recommend the Shadow IF you are willing to tune it. I'm sure in its current state, it would make a fine feild gun that you wouldnt have to worry so much about scratching up. It's lightweight, points well, and I like the feel of it even better than the longish RWS 34. For a first gun, however that you can take out of the box and just shoot, the nod still has to go to the RWS 34.