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May 5th, 2018, 5:29 pm #1

In 1943 the Westinghouse High-Power Testing Laboratory (East Pittsburgh) operated a Chicken Cannon to test if the rupture strength of windshields was high enough to withstand bird impacts. An article about this system was published in May 1943. See Orgone Research.
Just before May 2018, i.e. exactly 75 years later, as a tribute to this oldest-known real Chicken Cannon, I finished a 1:48 scale model of this system (with some minor adaptations).

The Chicken Cannon in general became widely known because of the story (or joke?) about American users telling their British colleagues to “Thaw your chicken!”. Another story tells that at a certain moment accidentally a cat was launched too. For both stories, see Snopes.
For more information about the Chicken Cannon and some of its users, see post #127 of Fri 04 May 2018 17:01 of My Portfolio.
For the scratch build process and more photos of my model, see Scratch-Built Chicken Cannon 1:48.

Before firing the chicken, we made sure that the living cat stayed alive.

Luckily we had installed a safety shield to protect the operators from debris.

Who is going to clean up the mess?

The chicken penetrated the windshield-under-test.

1. The Chicken Cannon has enough firing power;

2. This tested windshield was not strong enough yet!

Who is going to write the test report?
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Good story and good diorama, Dornair😉
Maybe you should consider another poem about the Chicken Cannon, like the one you wrote some time ago:
("Yesterday, all my models seemed so nice to play.
"Now they don't look so fine, I'd say.
"Oh, I believe in yesterday....)
What about this?
Karl and May had a windshield to hit
"Hold that cat" did Karl say
"Fire in three... two... one" shouted May
They fired the gun and all was ----- [fill in the blanks] 😊