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September 7th, 2014, 3:20 pm #2

Leaving Date: Effective immediately.
Date of Return: unsure
Reason for leaving: This is not really an away thing, but more of a "I will be low on activity" thing. Changing in weather/seasons/times of the year tend to bring on a lot of varying stress factors, and my body is slowly rebeling against me in the health department (oh farming, how I loathe you). I know I have one post to respond to as of this, but I just want everyone else to know I will be slow to respond. Miss y'all, love y'all. Be safe!

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December 9th, 2014, 4:45 pm #3

Leaving Date: Nowwww sort of
Date of Return: Prolly next weekend
Reason for leaving: By now I think most everybody knows I'm working on moving into my grandmother's house while she's in the nursing home. This is a way for me to save some money only paying utilities instead of for a whole damn apartment, and it will keep my dad and uncle from worrying about the house getting broken into and the copper piping stolen while it is vacant.

The official move in date is kind of unclear. It was going to be this weekend since the internet was going to be installed on Wednesday, but due to some chicanery it's been pushed back to Monday. So I'm really not sure whether I'll be actually staying there come Sunday.

Anyways, it'll be a bit of work because the whole place smells like old lady and she was a major hoarder, so to make space for ME and not have all my clothes start to smell like her, I have a lot of cleaning on my hands. Plus moving all my stuff over, stocking the pantry, etc will take some work.

I'm thinking I should be pretty settled come mid next week or next weekend. Just right now I will be pretty busy so I'm letting you guys know not to expect tags right now. x_x I might squeeze some in, we'll see.

And hopefully, once I'm all moved in, I will have extra muse because I will be in a better living situation and feel better emotionally, so I can get all caught up! x3

UPDATE 12/16:
Okay I was apparently REALLY optimistic about this whole thing. Modem still hasn't arrived over there and I still have the entirety of the kitchen and living room to clean out, plus this Saturday I will be going to visit a friend for holiday festivities and Sunday is my dad's bday and we're going to see BotFA. I am still hoping I will be actually sleeping there Friday night, but we'll see. x_x I have been going over there every day to clean and I am exhausted. Uuuuugh.

UPDATE 12/18:
Found out yesterday there was a problem installing internet. Apparently the line on my road "was full" so they are running a second line. No idea when I will have internet. They said possibly by Monday. Also I want to sleep for a week. ;_;