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Forum rules
Board rules! [color=red] [big]NOTICE: [/big] [/color] These rules are subject to change at any time with out prior warning. It is the responsibility of you (the member) to stay up to date in your knowledge of these rules. We will not dismiss your conduct on the forums on the basis of ignorance of the rules. Please check these rules often to refresh you understanding of them regularly.

[big]I. Content: [/big]
No posting any lewd, offensive, sexually explicit, illegal content or anything that might constitute as SPAM (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages) on the forums such as pirated material etc.. All posts must contain at least three (3) words and contain proper grammar and spelling. Do not double post! If you have something to add to your post, use the edit option. Double posting to move your thread to the top of the thread list is called a "BUMP". You may not BUMP any thread except for threads created in the Promotion Zone forum. The content of your posts must be original. It is acceptable for you to reference content on other sites and even link to them as long as you aren't advertising (unless in the promotion zone). Do not copy and paste content from other sites onto the forum, even if the content is yours. Content that has been copied here will be removed and you will be banned! [color=red]We have a Zero Tolerance Policy on Duplicate Content! You will not be warned! This is your only warning! [/color]

[big]II. Advertising: [/big]
Advertising on the forums in threads will not be permitted except in threads found in the Promotion Zone forum. You may also post an image link of reasonable size in your signature (no larger than 400px in width by 100px in height). You may not contact other members through the personal message system and spam them or advertise them. You may however tell a friend about your site, business or opportunity.

[big]III. Off Topic: [/big]
When replying to posts in threads you will stay on topic and make posts that are respectful and constructive. Hateful or rude messages or messages derailing or SPAMing threads will be removed. Always read the OP (Original Post) in threads and reply within the parameters of that post.

[big]IV. Members Accounts: [/big]
Only one account per person. Creating multiple accounts will not be permitted for any reason. Additionally you may not create an account to specifically advertise. Your account name therefore may not be an advertisement. You may not create accounts to get around Bans. Doing so will only get your new account banned as well.

[big]V. Images in posts and Signatures: [/big]
Images being uploaded into your posts and signatures must be of reasonable size. If the reader has to scroll down before they can view the content of your post then your image is too tall. If the image breaks the frame of the forum then it's too wide. If you upload images that exceed these boundries we will ask you to remove them and upload smaller ones. If you do not remove them, we will remove them for you.

[big]VI. Staff have final word and mini moding: [/big]
Once the staff have settled on a solution to an issue that's where it ends. Do not argue with the staff and do not question their decissions openly on the forum. If you have an issue with how a staff member has handled a situation then take the issue up with a higher staff member and it will be discussed. If the issue is with an Admin then the Admin will discuss it with the other staff member for their input. Additionally if you are not a staff member please don't attempt to assert authority over the other members. This is called "Mini Moding". If you notice someone breaking the rules we instead encourage you to use the report button found on the post containing the infraction. Reporting rule breaks to the staff helps us maintain quality and enforce the rules where we may have overlooked infractions.

Also please take a moment to read this thread found [url=]HERE! [/url]
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