I Dare Someone To Come Forth And Show Me A Program That Really Makes Money ~

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I’m tired of the hype, every time I talk to anyone about making money on the Internet
They try to recruit me or give me a sales pitch.

I just keep hearing the same thing like someone is going to get me to join something when they can’t even answer my questions

I dare someone to Join this forum and then come here on this discussion and say...
“Hey I make money doing this and this is how I do it."

We have people standing in line to join something that makes money

If you're out there reading this and you have a way for us to make money
Then quit doing whatever it is you’re doing and just come here and tell me

I’m waiting, I’m listening and I’m not going away *~
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Thank You Wayne!

You have stood up and asked the question that everyone
really wants to know the REAL answer to.

I have joined a Passive Income program. I have made
money. The problem is that since I joined "some" issues
have come up.

I just did a small withdrawal Tuesday night. So far everything
seems to be fine.

However, until I see all of the "issues" resolved and the program
back to where everybody is only singing the praises and yelling
at the top of their lungs about all the money they not only made
but have since been able to put into their own pockets, then I am
just participating, waiting and watching.

I am cautiously optimistic. In the meantime, I continue to look
at anything and everything else that comes my way to see if
there is something else out there that makes sense for me that
I can truly trust.

If you have that WINNER, PLEASE come and tell us all about it.
I want to know too and I am not going away either.

Cecelia McCarty

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I'm waiting for someone to come forward and tell us they're actually making money as well. I know there are people making money online, where are they?!

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Wayne, Cecelia, Nathanial,

I am in agreement with you. Many of us who have, or are making money from the traditional and long-standing Network Marketing companies have looked for other programs to supplement our primaries. I see a great many of what I call "junk businesses", but nothing that a reputable person would want to join. I know people will tell us there is money to be made, but it isn't that much or doesn't really exist.

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Hi Wayne and crew,

First let me say this, as an internet marketer you should not be soliciting persons to join your team instead your role is to provide unique quality content with valuable recommendations. It should not be of a sales pitch approach, this is wrong! With this approach you can easily identify the level of individuals who can't even give a simple overview of the company and or products they are promoting.

Whenever it comes to legitimate at home jobs & opportunities, we have to be very careful as there are tons of terrifying stories about affiliate programs and or pyramid schemes, normally these programs do not have viable products or services that you are readily to endorse. Obviously, you definitely don't want to associate yourself with these groups.

Also,to survive as affiliate marketer, I've learnt that you just cannot market a single "affiliate link", you must have multiple income streams to target different clients and or interests, this will also offset any short-falls with any of the other programs if any.

Let say I'll use one of my program to illustrate the kind of products and services we offer

1. A program with
2. One that has real and viable
3. A program with a
40% or more in commission and pays outs residual income is great choice

4. Able to meet minimum

5. A program with plenty of
This will help you grow and develop your business quickly

6. A program that allows you to track your records and calculate your
These are just a few surefire ways to identify a good program but with additional research..go to forum discussions you might learn more about that particular program and don't be afraid to ask around and if you know of a person who are in that same program you also ask if there are any downsides involved.

Have a thorough and intensive knowledge of the affiliate program and network you will be promoting on. Knowing the kind of program you are getting yourself into will make you anticipate and prevent any future challenges you may encounter.

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Hi Wayne, don't take this the wrong way because 1. I like you and 2. you sound knowledgeable, however you're just telling me what I already know and that's the whole reason that I made this post. If you really make money doing something then lay it out. Show me and I'll take a good look at it and if you have something I like and seems like a good fit for us then we'll do it. Even if we don't do it then there may be other members that will.

This post is for that, anyone who makes money doing something can share the information in this post and all the members can find and read it. You don't have to do it in another forum or anything just tell us right here and we're good to go. We're making money, but not doing anything I recommend and since it's not a program no one else can join.

We are looking for more streams of income though and I'll keep asking members to post until someone comes forth with something we can all do. We know a lot of people who aren't members of Affilforums looking too. Anyone who shows us a great way to make money stands to pick up a lot of interested prospects.


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I know you're talking about making a steady living but I actually made $10.00 listening to and reviewing music online. If you register through the following url you can too.
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This post removed because it was duplicate content!
I'm the admin on this site, I removed the post that was here and below is what I have to say about it...

This post was a perfect example of why I posted this discussion...
Wayne (not me) posted dribble, so I challenged him to post something solid
He responded by copying and pasting some stuff off of a sales page somewhere
We took the post down because posting duplicate content violates Affiliforums rules
Wayne went away and never came back because we didn't accept what he said and did *~

The Internet is full of people who want to make money at your expense
We don't think that's right... If they're making money than you should be too *~

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Okay Wayne, so you say we can make money, a lot of money with SFI. I have to state first off that my intention is never to offend anyone. With that said..... I always do my own research and this company has some interesting results.

How long have you been working with this program and what would you say the cons are ? We have heard your pros.
How long were you in this before you began making money and do you actually make the $10,000 per month you talk about or are you just saying the company states that it's possible to make that much. You state that you'll give 5 in your downline away. How big is your downline? How hard is it to get people to join and what's the failure rate. What products do you sell personally and recommend?
I'm curious or I would have dismissed this program already so I'm giving you a chance to satisfy my curiosity.
Looking forward to your next post.


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I spent two years growing my branding business. It has never
taken off like it should have. One of the biggest problems I was
told was the costs. The staff earned more than the company.

I have personally earned more in products and services in the
past five weeks than I did in a month selling marketing services.

What did I do? I joined Allendale County School of internet business.
Their tracking system pays residual income.


How many people can do straight sales and earn the same commission
as a residual income for as long as an advertiser pays. Granted it is not
40 %, then how viable would it be if it was.

This is strictly based on recruiting advertisers for an internet directory.
The directory has been in business five years and is in the black.

There are some interesting incentives to use as recruiting tools. With
the incentives you earn a lower percentage however more dollars than
with regular low end recruiting.

The only approach allowed is Form. Then invite don't sell. For an average
customer this should take five hours. Pay for your five hours of talking
over a year equals $240 for the lowest price allowed. The highest
commission is $12,600 which also becomes monthly residual for as long
as the advertiser is on the directory.
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