A Few Words From Wayne Miller To The Members Of Affiliforums ~

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Let me start by saying that I know most of you and I’m glad you joined Affiliforums.

My son Nathanial and I started Affiliforums as a way to help ourselves and everyone we know that’s an Internet Marketer succeed.

The purpose of Affiliforums is not to compete but to succeed!

That said when you come here the content that you post here must be ORIGINAL. If you have posted it somewhere else then DO NOT POST IT HERE.

On the Internet that's known as Duplicate Content and it causes Affilipede (Affiliforums is part of Affilipede) to drop in the site rankings. We have worked very hard to get where we are and we DO NOT WANT ANY DUPLICATE CONTENT ON AFFILIFORUMS.

We have a three (3) word minimum here on Affiliforums, how hard is it to write three words or more of original content, that includes Topic Titles, Topic Posts and Replies.

Come here and post, then share your post and then find the posts that other members have posted that you have not replied to yet, reply to and share them.

If you do that then we will all do that for you and your efforts will be greatly multiplied.

There should not be a single post on Affiliforums with a number of replies that is less than the number of members. We can succeed together if only we work as a team.

I’m doing it and so is Nathanial.

We all know that Cecelia is working hard to ensure the success of every member here and we are grateful for everything that she does.

I’m asking you to participate in your own success.

We provide Affiliforums at no cost to you!

We are on the first 44 pages of Google.

Isn’t that what you want? Do you understand the gravity of that statement?

Google Wayne Miller Affilipede and you’ll see that I’m telling you the truth.

That could be your name and what you do. If you do it for us then we’ll do it for you.

If the only one you take care of when you come here is you.... then soon you will be on your own!

All of us are involved in sales of some sort and I’d like to end this with one of my own quotes.

In sales as in life, success is not measured by the opinions of others, but by the results that one achieves.

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Thank You Wayne and Nathanial!
Results - That is what we all want!
I want that for you and I hope you
want that for me too. We are not
competing or trying to sell to each
other here, just posting and
sharing and helping each other to
Cecelia McCarty

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Thank you Wayne. Even though some of the things I post bear repeating, I understand your point and will not repeat them here. I will also be as diligent as I can to help other members succeed here.

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Once again, "thank you Wayne" for the opportunity to partake with others professional marketers here at Affilipede.

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The not posting duplicate content thing isn't just for our benefit either. By sharing what you post here we can get you PR1 backlinks. If you post duplicate content then you're competing with yourself for page ranks. Duplicate content automatically receives a penalty for being uncreative, unoriginal content. Your content will have a harder time ranking higher even from here just for not being original. Original content will have an easier time getting indexed higher and we can get your backlinks to page 1 easier because of that.

So help both of us out and just write something original... for us and yourself.

We sincerely thank you for your participation not only in the forum but in your own success.

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I agree. I strive to not post duplicate information. Not only is it a bad habit, but it takes away from ones general ability to think creatively and be innovative.

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An Affiliforums Update ~

Click the image to enlarge it ~

Click Here To Read This Entire Post ~

When I wrote this post back on April 23 2013 we had 44 pages on Google. I don't know how many members we had or how many posts. Now we have 51 pages on Google with 28,000 possible search results. A lot has happened since then. On June 12, 2014 Affilipede was 2 years old and on February 9, 2014 Affiliforums was 1 year old. Now we have 200 members and 5,600 posts. I can bring people here to Affiliforums with a single Tweet on twitter. We promote people and companies all over Social Media and our post about it called "Affilipede ~ A Fresh New Approach To Social Media ~ Have Us Promote You" has 115,315 Views as I write this update. If you want to promote yourself than this is the place to do it and after all this time and even with all the advances we've made... you can still do it here at no cost to you. That's right, it's still completely free to be a member of Affiliforums. If you are or become a member here and you know of a way for the members of Affiliforums to make money online then please go here I Dare Someone To Come Forth And Show Me A Program That Really Makes Money ~ and post about. We're all interested in making more money.

We still let you promote yourself and your programs, products or services as long as they are legitimate.

Which brings me to my next point...

Affiliforums has become popular with a different group here on the Internet lately. Spammers, they come here and they post bogus posts... mostly about Don't click these links, I'm a criminal. shoes, but sometimes about other things. All are scams and all are unwelcome.

To anyone who comes to Affiliforums to spam us... I have this to say to you. Spamming is a crime and under the law we can and will seek monetary restitution from you. It doesn't matter to us if you are the Leader of an Internet Crime Ring or just someone stupid enough to get involved in one. We will come after you. We are currently building a network of blogs, forums, and websites affected by your illegal activities and we are building relationships with ISPs (Internet Service Providers) Companies that provide Email addresses, other agencies that want to catch you as bad as we do and most important law enforcement agencies world wide. We will already have enough information about you when you become a member to start shutting you down and we will pursue you. We don't care how much money you have or how determined you are. We don't care if you're rich and famous or poor and unknown. We will eventually find you. We document all evidence and forward it to the appropriate agencies. We will get you banned, blacklisted and even arrested. We will make it harder and harder for you to get Internet Service, an Email Account and a Membership anywhere on the Internet. We are global and we don't care where you are or what you do... If you do it here then we will treat you like the criminal that you are.

Recently at our request Google, Microsoft and Yahoo joined us in our war on Internet crime and suspended the email accounts of well over 100 people who had spammed Affiliforums and they will continue to do so.

We are also working with various law enforcement agencies world wide and we know it won't be long before they begin to press charges against and prosecute these people.

When we realize that you have posted (which doesn't take us very long) we remove your links and posts and ban you from Affiliforums for life. We find out everything we can about you (which isn't hard because we documented all of your information when you joined) then we forward that information to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and we get your email account suspended. We get you blacklisted from a huge network of websites and forums.

You become unwelcome on the Internet in only a few hours.

None of your posts or links will remain... what will remain is the certainty that sooner or later you will be caught, prosecuted and face the possibility of fines and imprisonment. Most judges will now forbid you from using a computer or accessing the Internet for life. That will make it very difficult in today's technical world for you to find honest employment.

You will have risked everything and none of your posts or links will remain...
By the way after you make you first post you should go read it ~

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