Training For a New Career and Life


June 23rd, 2003, 2:40 pm #1

Great News!
I have recieved my appointment for my assessment visit at Portland College.
Ive not worked since my crash, about 12 months now. Probally would not have been wise to go back to work as I still have health issues. This college caters for the dissabled, hopefully it wont be too much too soon for my condition.
Portland College specialise in retraining people such as us BPI's to get the qualifications to get back into work. If you are like me, unable to do your usual job (I was an Engineer) then you may need to totally re-think your career.
The First step is to go see the Disability Adviser at your local JobCentre. Tell him you want to retrain and sugest a place like Portland College.
He should give you some info sheets or booklets to take away and look at. Once youve decided what you might like to try, go back and get him to fill out the paperwork to get you the interview at the college. This is the stage Im now at.
Portland College is near Nottingham, they do residential courses, that means you live there while you train, this might not suit every one but, might be very handy for others.
I am thinking of doing there CAD Computer Aided Design course, C & G qualifications. What really made me want to do this college is the fact they try and find job placements. Helps get your foot in the door, so to speak.
You can get more info, find what else they do, order a booklet ect at there web site.
Thanks for listening, I just wanted to share what I have learnt about this route back to work, hope it helps.
Neal B