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Has anyone tried Osteopathic Manual therapy? 

Has anyone tried Neural Manipulation?

Dr. Jean Pierre Barral in connection with the Upledger CranialSacral Therapy Institute instructs physiotherapists, massage therapists etc. from around the world in the function structure of the neural system, its fascial structures and how to influence the function of this system, bringing its components back to natural function and to repair. He is THE leader in this work. It is ground breaking. Its it fantastic work, considering many "doctors" in America consider the cranium as a fused unit unable to be manipulated yet doctors in Europe recognize that the plates of the skull are dynamic and movable and move with the cranial pulse of the spinal fluid. Students of Barral are taught to feel the structures and how to influence them. 

All muscles can be divided into two basic groups, flexors and extensors. For example in the spine there are muscles that flex the spine and others that extend the spine. The arm and hand and fingers are the same. in the thumb there are flexors that close it and extensors that open it. Throughout the entire body all flexors will gently and subtly contract for 6 seconds while the extensors relax, then a 1 second pause, this is followed by the extensors gently and subtly contracting for 6 seconds while the flexors relax. This is know as the cranial sacral pulse. This pulse is there just barely under our conscious awareness just barely palpable unless trained. I believe its function is to keep muscle tone and to help lymphatic flow while still allowing controlled function and undisturbed rest and sleep. When nerves are damaged this function can be lost or damaged. Therapist are trained in the ability to palpate or feel this subtle yet barely perceivable movement. 
Now it seems the muscles seem paired up. When one muscle group contracts its opposing group will relax. If there is no opposing muscle group for said muscle"A", Then Muscle "A" does not seem to "Shut off" or relax and what happens is the poor unfortunate soul feels muscle burn of varying degrees in muscle"A". The muscle burn can build until torturous. I know I have a Brachial Plexus Avulsion. I know that muscles which have no opposing group burns for me until I say "uncle" and then it just keeps burning. 

The weather, tension, repeated muscle contraction of the joint, lack of magnesium and calcium and vitamins B(multi}, lack of rest, and other neural triggers make this one sided imbalance worse. 

Dr. Barral and his associates have done absolutely incredible work discovering the how the neural system is structured, functions, and can be felt and influenced manually. 

I know a torn nerve is a torn nerve. I was wondering if there is anyone with BPA that has had experience with Neural Therapy. 

I had great experience with osteopathic therapies which treated the subsequent injuries I had in my spine and ribcage and dealt with the muscle spasms and trigger points in my neck that twisted my body and caused no end to pain. I am now much straighter and more relaxed with less pain and a better humour. 

Unfortunately it has been 11 years for me and one operation with 3 nerve grafts. The pain has been almost suicidal. I feel much better now. There are many more manual neural therapist now and the work has advanced a decade as well. 

I have found a therapist nearby and am going to see if she can change things. I wish I could have given her a chance before I was cut from neck to shoulder to tit. What  a mess the body had to deal with. First the accident, then the surgery. But it is what it is now. I will post what happens to me after I see her a few times.

If you are interested in neural therapy check out the Barral Institute. They may be able to find someone nearby that can reduce the severity of your injury and pain. Acupuncture helps. A lot. And no scar tissue. It is possible to get appts. with Barral as he's not retired yet. $$. 

God will change your future as you ask. Ask, envision, believe, give thanks, keep putting it out there, in detail. Love God / creation and God will love you. Love is the highest form of all energy and existence. God is love.