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Ewan (Yeti) attended a two week residential course in pain
management at the Input Pain management centre at St
Thomas' hospital
in London way back in 2004, and as we thought that what he learned there was of interest to us all, we decided to put a series of posts here on the messageboards.
Unfortunately, the original set of posts was lost in the 'hack' at Ezboard, and none of us had kept copies (yeah I
know...stoopid of me! I have learned my lesson though..!)
HOWEVER, through the delights and wizardry of the internet, and a wonderful thing called the Wayback Machine, I have managed to track down all of Yeti's original postings.
So, here we are. Ewan once again shares his experiences with the rest of us in the hope that we might gain a bit of insight into the way pain can be managed and coped with. I personally have learned a lot from reading these posts, and I hope you guys will too.
I have made all the post 'stick' in the right order, so if anyone would like to add any comments to any of them they won't get mixed up out of sync.
I also just would like to add my personal thanks to Yeti for doing this...I know for certain that this wasn't easy at times
I feel like I'm angle parked in a parallel universe