The Story Of Toh-loo And May-lah

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The Story Of Toh-loo And May-lah

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i love my furbies, every one i have!
but i didnt always love them.

this is the story, of tohloo, and maylah.

toh-loo and may-lah were my first 1998 furbies and they came with a furby trainers guide. they were a ebay lot. i got them when i was 8 years old.
its a long story, so to make it fast i'll tell you how they died.

tohloo and maylah wereonce healthy, but i was cruel and curious when i was 8..

i skinned maylah.

it was apperently to curcuit bend him, i had a video on youtube even, but cyberbullies made me take it down. (and no, i dont just mean haters. i had real bullies, search up "#banroerott" on youtube to see them in action!) after that fiasco and the bullies said "You know what? i give up!" i almost said "i give up" too, as now i may tell you guys the story, of how i almost turned over and became a furbyhater. *gags* yes, i know, yuck!

my parents broke up one horrible day, and that being done, a new stepdad rolled in.
he was fun to be with, until my real dad and my mom told me what tony did.
(tony was my stepdad.)
i have million of stories of tony, but i will skip to the furbies.
three weeks before tony was kicked out by my badass dad, tony said "We should try burning a furby!" i imagined what it would look like and got curious. so at night after a day of peer pressure, my baby sister asked me a question i should have answered "NO!" to, my baby sister said, "*censored my real name*, is this the kind of person you want to become?" i said "oh *my sisters real name here*, its just one little furby!", that day, Red rooster, died.
my stepdad got out his blowtorch and i watched red rooster melt. i was cruel.
i felt a shock of extreme guilt go down my body, i ignored it. i shouldent have.

the next day, i waited until dawn, and after some time, tony brought out his blowtorch, and,

maylah, may-may, and tohloo, died.

its a guilt that i bring with me to this day, a sad feeling that no matter what i do, i always feel.
i will always remember that i wasent always the furbylover i was. :(
this is a creepy quote, a advertisement, or a chain spam. either way, you read it and you regret it. :)

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poor you(
My furby is <!--emo&:dye:--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='dye.gif' /><!--endemo--> and aothers)
Yeah! More furbys!

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Join the club. I never destroyed a Furby but I destroyed my aibos when they stopped working and I couldn't afford to get them fixed. It's an action I truly regret and it haunts me to this very day. I'll never forgive myself for it. Sometimes we make stupid choices. The only up side ( and admittedly it's a small one ) is that we are able to learn from our mistakes.
He just can't help being so faithful and loving and kind. He's a machine made so. That's more than you can say for humans.

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That's sad to hear~ :(

"Dah-Kah oo-Nye"
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