Introducing Nah-Bah!

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Jul 19 2018, 07:42 AM #1

Hi everyone,

Today, after waiting 5 years, I finally picked up my Church Mouse Furby Nah-Bah. She’s fluffy with a bit of a tickle mark on her tummy, she’s RL and she has big blue eyes. Just a few things...

-Maybe it’s because she hasn’t been played with in a while, but is it normal for 1998 Furbys to not play games? I’m pretty confident I’m doing everything right...

-I’m not that concerned, it’s pretty cute, but she never blinks and her eyes are always open.

-It seems like she has some sort of problem with her base? It’s pretty floppy and she barely tilts on it, I’ve only seen her do it a few times. May-Lah Kah’s base is really firm and he dances properly.

That’s all I’ve figured out for now, but maybe these problems are easy fixes because the seller advertised her as ‘working perfectly’. I love her to bits already! I put all 4 batteries in and she didn’t start immediately like my other Furbys do and I got so worried, but after only a second she started up without me doing anything. She has the highest pitch voice, in case anyone was interested.

One unique trait I’ve noticed is she is SUPER hyper, way more hyper than May-Lah Kah or E-Day. It was a bit funny to realise her name translation, considering I’ve got a Hug Me and Good and my sister has Again and Pet... welcome to the family, Down! But the way she says Nah-Bah makes my heart melt every time. (6.02 MiB)
Nah-Bah in play (6.02 MiB)
Nah-Bah in play
~~~May-Lah Kah~~~

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hmmm strange
hello... i'm Rand0m!, as you can tell i like furbies and sometimes i do devour the forms XD
i have currently (in working order)
2 2012 furbies
3 furby booms
and 1 1998 Furby
(Furby Graveyard)
my first furby was a black 2012 furby he ironically died when i bought a second one to keep him company (the same day)
rip December 25th 2012- july 23 2013? (i forgot when he died but it was a july)
you'll be missed :(