Favourite Furby Aspects?

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Favourite Furby Aspects?

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Aug 9 2018, 07:00 AM #1

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering, if you could make a Furby out of whatever aspects you liked from any generaton, which would you include and which would you not include?

My Furby would have the general appearance of a ‘98, the voices of a ‘98, the fluffiness of a Furby Boom, the voice commands of a ‘05, the beak material of a ‘12, the ears of a ‘98, the ability to remember friends of a Furby Boom, the volcabulary of every Furby put together, the games of all Furbys, and although I know no Furbys have this, it would include an app that never gets taken off the app store and the Furby doesn’t rely entirely on it, it’s just a few extra things that nobody really needs. Also, it would include sensors of every Furby ever made so it can chat to all Furbys.

What would you do?
~~~May-Lah Kah~~~