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Dr Rob
President Furby
Dr Rob
President Furby
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08 Feb 2018, 12:26 #1

Hello everyone!

It's been a very long time since I've chatted on here, I'm really sorry about that. 
After stopping, myself and Weecoo started on another business followed by another business. We didn't stop following what we enjoyed and are now lucky enough to have two shops (one of which is in Covent Garden!)

In Weecoo's office we have a little shrine to AdoptaFurby, we never forgot how it helped us learn about passion and what an exciting experience retail can be.
We never had children as stated in various places but the pressure of having so many staff did mean that our time has been restricted and hence AdoptaFurby got filed away.

A lot of you may have seen that the website went down back in December. Without me knowing, ongoing payment for the URL failed and the URL actually got removed from my account. 

Another company purchased the URL and wouldn't give it up without a large payment. It was difficult to know what to do but looking on here I could see that the forum was still active and I'm very proud that the little website that myself and Weecoo started so long ago had inspired so many people to chat and communicate about something that they loved. I bit my lip and paid the largest amount that I have ever paid for a URL.

And so is back....

Some of it still doesn't work, but I would really like to know what any of you would like to see. You're the reason this website is here.

(Furby Dr) Rob xx
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Flamingo Furby
Flamingo Furby
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09 Feb 2018, 23:46 #2

Hello Dr. Rob,

Congratulations on your business success and thank you so much for getting online again!
I’m Furbettini and just recently joined this Forum after being a guest for a very long time.
Do you think you would have the time to get the actual Adoption Center up and running again? I understand if that’s too much to ask given your lack of time...maybe there could be a different type of Adoption Center, where forum members can put their Furbys up for adoption?

jake furbyglitches
Furby Buddy
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17 Feb 2018, 18:32 #3

Hi Dr. Rob!!

I was just wondering what happened to you guys. I'm so happy the website is back online!! I'd love to see the adoption center and games online again! I think an adoption center between users would be very good like Furbettini said. 

P.S. Thank you so much for coming back!! 
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That is all you need to know :)