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Armor lines the walls and weapons sit on wooden racks and poke out of the tops of open wooden barrels. The sound of hammer and steel can be heard coming from the back room. Behind a work bench a short dwarf looks up at you scowling.

"Interested in something you see," he asks?

***Note: To sell an item halve the price listed. If it is of any importance it will be listed with city location of specific item. If item you want to sell is not listed pm me and we will work out a price.***

Item = Price

Armor (Check Material Type Cost Bonus Below for Full Price)
-Hands: Quilted = 1s, Leather = 5s, Scale = 40s, Chain = 60s, Half-Plate = 1g, Full Plate = 8g

Material Cost Bonus for Armor/Weapon (Add the cost of material to the cost for labor above)

-light leather +0
-suede +5s
-buckskin +50c
-medium leather +1s
-rawhide +1s
-rough leather +50c
-thick leather +10s
-heavy leather +1g
-exotic leather +3g
-shagreen: skin only attainable from sea creatures +10g
-knobby leather: skin only attainable from lizards +5g
-dragonmail: skin only attainable from dragons** +1000g
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