Injection Pump Change on 1.9TD

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Injection Pump Change on 1.9TD

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Hi, I'd appreciate some advice on my problem here.

The engine is an XUD 1.9 Turbo from a Xsara so I'm told, I've only just got the car and dont know the history but it has an engine change cos the last one hydruliced in a large puddle.

It's a long story getting the engine sorted, I've had to change the head due to warpage and bubbles from the rad.

Car ran fine for 2 weeks and then I had injectors going south. Discovered injectors stuck open with metal fragments. (horror)

Changed fuel filter and cleaned fuel pipes, purged system incase of other metal bits, stripped and cleaned injectors, car ran fine for a day then injector went down. Same problem.

I guess it was the IP so down to the breakers for a new pump. The only one they had was a bosche and mine was a Lucas so I got the pipes and injectors as well.
The engine doesn't have any electronics so sould be easy to change.

I've fitted the pump, changing the studs to the other set of holes in the pump mounting.

I've double checked the engine timing and proceeded to do the pump position timing.

Guessing this engine is a TE variety the 'Book' says the setting distance is 0.66mm
I didn't have a metric guage that would fit anywhere near the hole between the pipes so I used an imperial gauge which should work out to 0.026".

I've noticed set at that, the pump is angled away from the engine almost to the end of travel on the slots.

Started engine, ran as lumpy as hell hunting and surging. Idle a bit low.
I loosened the pump and did it sods law method until the engine ran better. I've adjusted the fast idle and now the engine starts and revs from cold at 1000 rpm and when warm it is about 850.

Now comes to my problem, The engine whether hot or cold still hunts, It is worse when cold with a rocky idle and then once warm the rock stops and the engine runs smoother but still hunts slightly.

After many test runs i've moved the pump position to where the engine seems happiest but have noticed the engine still hunts slightly.

I've also noticed that when cold the engine produces alot of white smoke and runs roughly and the only thing that makes things better is advancing the pump alot. Once adjusted like this, the cold engine runs better with little hunting and almost no white smoke, but when warm the engine lacks response on acceleration.

If I adjust the pump by pulling it towards me, retarding the pump timing, The warm engine drives well and is very responsive but when cold smokes like hell and rocks and hunts like crazy.

What I am getting to is it does not matter where the timing is, the engine is always hunting to some degree with a miss now and again.

As I have to travel a couple of hundred miles to visit folks for Xmas I'm now crossing my fingers and hoping it will get me there.

As this pump came from a breakers and off an unknown engine, is there any other adjustment needed to stop the engine hunting.

Any advice welcome and if I make it there and back without any problems or if I find a cure I'll post a followup after Xmas.

Many thanks..

Merry Xmas to all.

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You might be best posting this on where I'm sure you get a number of useful replies quicker and also be able to carry out an extensive search for previous postings.
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Hi, Thanks for link, I'll post there as well.


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Is the timing out by a tooth, or more than the adjustment available on the elongated mounting, as I have encountered symptoms like this when it is?