Activa: MOT failure - end of the road?

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Hi there folks ....

This is my first posting - be gentle!!

My beloved Xantia Activa has just failed its MOT! Not only that, but I also got given one of those horrible red "dangerous" thingys!!!

A bit more about the car: 2000 Xantia Activa, Silver, Full leather interior, 98000 miles, CD autochanger.

The stated reasons for failure were:

1) NSF pipe union/joint fluid suspension leaking
2) OSR fluid suspension levelling valve leaking ** Dangerous **
3) NSR (bush badly worn) fluid suspension levelling valve insecure

When asked what all that lot meant, and how much would is be likely to cost, resulted in a lot of shrugging shoulders and the eventual "book it in ..... and we'll see".

The wonderful MOT station cannot look at it for a week, so I'm still wondering!!

Recently, I have also noticed that the ride aint so good anymore - its still got all the original spheres, so they're going to need done soon - I think theres 10 of them on the Activa! It will also need a new set of boots this year.

The question I have to answer is this: It's a ten year old car, with 98000 miles on the clock. I had a brake fluid leak a year ago, and that cost me £200 to get fixed. If this little lot is much more serious - and it sounds to me like it is - then is it worth getting repaired - or is it time for it to go!!

Your comments appreciated.