The real SFL going into its 20th season and looking for new blood

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We are looking for new owners for a pair of cap leagues. Owning Action! PC is not required. You simply build a team and gameplan. The games are simulated. 

1) Spring Football League

- The league was founded in 1999. We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary next summer in Atlantic City. We operate on a $25M cap. Our website is 

We don't use the website a whole lot. We mostly use Facebook Instant Messenger and our Facebook Group (Spring Football League). You can find more pictures from the league at our Instagram too: virtsfl

2) CsFL (Canadian-sim Football League) 

- League existed for several years but took a decade off. Recently been resurrected. Would love to add some actual Canadians or true CFL fans to the league. We only use players who not in the NFL AND showing the desire to play in an alternate league. 
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