Seeking Three Owners/Coaches For Start-Up Retro Basketball League

Seeking Three Owners/Coaches For Start-Up Retro Basketball League

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The TransAmRetro76 Basketball Association is an 18-team, salary-capped, draft-keeper, off-season, retro basketball league ready to start its' initial season, and, is seeking three (3) owner/coaches to fill out the league. As the league name implies, we are starting with the first post-ABA/NBA merger season, 1976-1977 and plan to progress though the 70s and onward annually every summer after the conclusion of the real life NBA playoffs. On the NBA rosters, and now on TransAmRetro rosters, were the amazing number of 35 Hall of Famers with a slew more waiting to join as rookies in the next couple of seasons. Because of a unique (to retro basketball leagues) positional draft, controlled by a reasonable salary cap, every TransAmRetro team will be competitive right out of the box with at least one or two all-time, all timers suiting up on each squad. Please join in the fun in an era which was much different from today's pro game, but evolving with the infusion of the Run, Gun and Fun ABA upstarts. To be sure, there will be no three-point arc, at least for a couple of seasons, and there are some rules that are anomalies today, like man-to-man defense only, 3-to-make-2 on shooting fouls in the bonus and backcourt fouls being worth two-shots all the time, but the league was transitioning away from the walk-it-up, post dominant NBA of the past into a fast-paced, fast-breaking league that will come to full fruition when a couple of guys named Johnson and Bird make it into the show in a couple of years.

The league draft has been completed (Abdul-Jabbar went number one overall to the Minnesota Muskies. Duh.) and the league drafted for the vacant teams and drafted well. You can chose from the Los Angeles Lakers, who have as a starting five: NBA scoring champ Pete Maravich, HOFer Dan "Horse" Issel, future All-Stars Campy Russell and Mickey Johnson manning the forward slots with steady Tom Henderson running the point. Point machine Austin Carr is the first guy off the bench along with Leon Douglas and Nick Weatherspoon backing up the front-court players (future HOF coach Phil Jackson is also lurking down the bench). The Lakers should be an offensive juggernaut. The Kansas City-Omaha Kings used their first selection on "Special K" Larry Kenon, then drafted guards Randy Smith, HOFer Walt Frazier and Cavalier teammates JIm Chones and Bingo Smith at C and SF, respectively. Off the bench will be guard Eric Money, shot-blocker supreme George Johnson and steady Steve Hawes, among others. In contrast to the Lakers, the Kings will be a scary defensive team with more than enough offensive firepower. The final choice option is the San Diego Consquistadors. The Q's drafted center Alvan Adams and followed-up with super shooter Lloyd, soon-to-be World B. Free, tough forward Rudy Tomjanovich; another big time scorer, albeit with a short shelf life, Billy Knight and defensive whiz Norm Van Lier at the point. Bench players include Garfield Heard, Jan van Breda Kolff and Charlie Johnson. The Q's are nicely balanced and have a core of players who will grow with the league.

We already have 15 great guys, what i think is a fun concept, three very good teams, now, and in future seasons (go ahead, check at which need owners. We are ready to tip-off and only lack you. If interested respond here or contact Mark (me) at; or Jeff at