Is Jean van de Velde a choker?

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November 11th, 2017, 6:09 pm #1

Jean has won TWO European Tour tournaments. He has qualified for only 14 majors. He has participated in a total of 471 PGA, PGA Senior, European, and European Senior events. And he has two wins in those events. And those two wins were 13 years apart.

Clearly, at the 1999 (British) Open, he was in over his head.

But, he was ahead by five going into the last round, and was one behind after 12. Yet he had a three stroke lead after 17. Is that a choker?

He was ahead by three with one hole to play. 

His first shot was a disaster, but he got away with it. 

His second shot was a disaster, too. But just as he got very lucky with the first shot, he got extremely unlucky with the second. If the shot goes into the stands, he gets a free drop, with a good lie. But it doesn't. It hits a thin support and bounces back, into a terrible lie.

He finally gets the ball out of there, into a sand trap on the other side of the hole. He hits it out of there to six feet away from the hole. Is that a choker?

He needs to make a six foot putt to tie for the lead. And he makes it. Is that a choker?

He loses the three man playoff by three, the same as Justin Leonard. If Jean choked, so did Leonard.

In retrospect, he used bad judgement on the first two shots. And paid for it. But those last two shots on 18 showed some real intestinal fortitude. 
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