2018 Baseball Game Update - October 11, 2018

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An update to the 2018 Baseball Game has been posted at www.dksports.com/service.htm. This update is free to owners of the 2018 game and will not operate with previous versions. Please note that game downloads and CDs include all updates. Improvements and corrections include:

October 11, 2018
* Corrects a potential playoff bracket issue.

August 7, 2018
* Minor bullpen usage adjustments.
* Corrects potential issue with utilities\update projection tool.
* Corrects several data points in older seasons.
* Minor play-by-play adjustments.

July 20, 2018
* Adjustments to pre-1900 play results.
* Adjusts lineup usage by computer managed teams.

June 28, 2018
* Corrects for lock-up issue encountered as a remote player during internet games.
* Includes lineup usage corrections.
* Corrects for issues encountered when updating a projection file.

June 6, 2018
* Includes lineup usage adjustments.
* Minor play-by-play adjustments.
* Corrects for error loading some older seasons.
* Corrects for pinch hitter staying in the game out of position.
* Corrects for rare disappearing roster error.
* Adds the number of players in a saved lineup to the lineup name.

May 17, 2018
*Includes minor data base corrections.
*Includes adjustments to several dead ball era seasons.
*Adds manager lineup preference options to roster\manager tab.
*Corrects an injury error that resulted in a missing injury description and potential game crash error.

April 20, 2018
*Corrects netplay issue experienced by a few leagues.
*Adjust several computer manager decisions regarding infield and outfield positioning, pinch running, and bullpen usage.
*Important: Expanded transactions tool located at organize\transactions and roster tools. This expanded tool is an all in one tool for making roster additions, subtractions, trades, creations, and edits.
*Important: New player stat editor that includes the ability to create player stats based on just a few attributes. Stats may then be edited as desired. Also new is a +/- tool that quickly increases or decreases all player stats without the need to edit each stat.
*Important: New tool for updating projection rosters located at utilities\projection update. Update files are available via your original confirmation email. Only of use when updating a baseball projection. Update file names end with UPDATE.txt.
*Corrections to several playoff module issues.
*New pre-set lineup options on the manager form. We also added a manager button to the lineup display.
*Adds a few new rare plays, just for fun!

Feb 9, 2018
* Adds an opening screen message to alert the user when a data file is being updated.

Feb 7, 2018
* Corrects a scoring error that awarded an outfield assist to an infielder on a run down play.
* Corrects error deleting a team.
* Corrects game screen mouse over player colors.
* Adjustment to computer outfield-in strategy.
* Adds new playoff usage rules.
* Auto-corrects several 2017 player availability dates.
* Adds batter walk-up music volume control.

Jan 8, 2018
* Corrects for internet error encountered by remote player upon the completion of a game.
* Corrects for potential roster deletion issue that could occur while viewing rosters.
* Minor video chalkboard and play-by-play corrections.
* Enables bullpen sit(S) option for team at bat.

Dec 22, 2017
* Corrects for several data base display issues.
* Corrects error on the roster screen when playing with older teams and small rosters.
* Corrects several roster screen bullpen display errors.
* Corrects for missing HR in the box.
* Includes minor encyclopedia adjustments.
* Includes minor video chalkboard adjustments.
* Includes other minor adjustments.

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