Shady Grove ch8

Shady Grove ch8

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Shady Grove ch8

The next morning Aunt Sara could not get Gina ready fast enough. Truthfully Gina’s excitement about getting to work all most cost her a spanking.

Just the same dressed in her bright pink onsie, she kissed Aunt Sara goodbye and as soon as she was out of site ran all the way to work. Gina was not exactly ready for what happened when she got there.

There were four men working on installing the computer system and new cash registers. They stopped working and starred when Gina’s obviously diapered butt wearing her onsie walked in. Then a couple of them started cat calling her

“Honey honey hey baby do you need changing “ junk like that.
Just then Lauren walked in wearing a diaper and a t-shirt.
It started up again Gina knew these young men were not from Shady Grove and suddenly she was very embarrassed.

Actually Gina and Lauren started to cry just about the same time. One of the men with a big smile on his face started walking towards them.

“Ah what’s a matter baby girls you need changing let Bobby help but it better not be a poopie.”

Just then Uncle Frank stepped in front of the man. “Young man I have been trying to teach my teenage boy fighting is wrong. You take one more step and I will make and exception just for you.”

“Hey who the hell are you we were just teasing “ Bobby said this as he was backing up from the big man standing in front of him.

“When you tease people do they usually cry and as who the hell I am my name is Frank Berry along with my niece Gina over there I own this place. Now where the hell is your boss.”

A man stepped forward from the back “That would be me Mr. Berry my names Don Porter “ he then extended his hand.

Uncle Frank ignored the hand “pick up your tools and get the hell off my property you got ten minutes I see one of you I start kicking a little ass >”

Don Porter obviously believed Uncle Frank he and his men were out of there in five. Not one of them dared say a word as they were leaving.

Uncle Frank then turned his attention to the two girls; he wiped their eyes and had them blow their noses. “I am sorry you girls were exposed to that I assure you it will never happen again. Now you girls take the day off with full pay for you Lauren.” He then hugged and kissed both girls and sent them on their way.

They stopped outside for a second while Lauren tied a loose shoestring. Both girls heard Uncle Frank yelling at the man who sold him the system.

“What the hell Joe I thought your company was professional. You would not believe the crap I had to put up with this morning from your install team I sent them packing.

Now you have a crew of professionals down here tomorrow that can keep there eyes in their heads and their mouths shut or come get your equipment right now I don’t care, He then slammed down the phone.

The next day went one hundred percent better, Even though Lauren and Gina were both nervous on their way to work. Both Aunt Sara and Laurens Mommy in law dressed them in sundresses.

Joe himself was they’re supervising the install team. He had flown them in from around the country. Joe also told Uncle Frank the other team was fired the moment they returned to the office.

Two days later the system was installed and running. A new support team came in to help train the employees. That team was both surprised and delighted how much Gina and Lauren new about their system and computers in general.

They stayed for a week and everything was up and running every employee once they got used to it had to admit it made things easier everyone but Uncle Frank.

He knew nothing of computers and honestly was scared to death of them. Finally Gina decided to take him in hand.
She knew just how to handle him.

“Hi Uncle Frank do you know what time the big game is on this weekend.”

Since when are you a big baseball fan young lady?”

Gina crawled in her Uncles lap and snuggled. “ I just thought maybe I could show you on the scare box.”

“Scare box what are you talking about you silly girl what scare box?”

“Your computer Uncle Frank. The one right there that you are scared of.”

Uncle Frank gave Gina a light swat on her diapered butt. “I am not afraid of it Gina I just don’t like the dang things.”

Then he looked at her sitting in his lap and pouting. “Can I really get game schedules on that thing”

Gina smiled and kissed her Uncles Cheek “oh yes and scores too, weather reports just about anything you want to know.’

Gina spent three hours working with her Uncle first showing him the Internet and how to search and setting up his home page at CNN. Then after a diaper change she showed him how to check inventories, sales and other things related to the business. When they finished his eyes were indeed opened to a whole new world.

“Baby girl you never fail to amaze me. What did I do without you?"

Gina giggled, “I don’t know have one less diaper around to change.”

Then Uncle Frank looked at his watch “good lord its after five I better get you home. I don’t want Aunt Sara spanking you for being so late.

He walked her home and told Aunt Sara how wonderful his niece was. “You know Gina told me that if I had one of those things at home I could check on store sales on weekends without even leaving the house. Plus I think it will be a good learning tool for the kids.”

Aunt Sara just smiled she had never seen Frank so excited about anything.

“Gina Monday I want you too order home computer systems for my house and yours, its time the Berry’s get with the times.”

He then hugged Gina and Aunt Sara “see you two at the dance tomorrow night. If not sooner.”

Aunt Sara then smiled at Gina “what in the world did you put in your Uncles Coffee?” Gina giggled, “ Just a little love and patience Aunt Sara what’s for supper?”

Aunt Sara told Gina as soon as she was changed and dressed they were going out to dinner and taking Lauren with them and then they could catch a movie. Then Lauren is spending the night. “Larry has and all night poker game and Cara had something she needed to do.

Suddenly Gina was the one excited.


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That was to short ken. I NEED more!
As I have said in the past I have been going back and reading all of your stories. I only found this site a week or so ago and have read most of the stories now. I am finding it harder and harder to wait for the next chapter to come out. You really are doing a good job. I can't believe how you can keep putting they out like you do. Keep it up.