Gabrielle and Alex, Chapter 12

Gabrielle and Alex, Chapter 12


December 22nd, 2003, 5:31 pm #1

Gabrielle got home around 5:00 the next morning, as she got herself ready for bed she could tell that Maddie and Alex had been in the bath and just smiled. She went into her room to find Maddie and Alex in her bed, with Maddie's arm around Alex just as she so often had, which Gabrielle thought was the sweetest thing she ever saw. Gabrielle decided to climb into bed with them, she put her arm around them both, Alex stayed fast asleep but Maddie started to wake up, she and Gabrielle just smiled at each other and they both went back to sleep. Not one of them woke up again until noon.

Gabrielle and Alex got up again at noon, Gabrielle sweetly helped him out of bed without waking up Maddie and changed his diaper, neither of them fully awake. Maddie started to get up just as Alex was getting up from his diaper change, Alex climbed back on to the bed as Maddie started looking around smiling at them both. "Maddie sweetie do you want me to change your diaper?" Gabrielle asked, Maddie was too spaced out to do anything but oblige. Gabrielle changed her just as lovingly as she ever did to Alex, and Alex just watched smiling broadly from the bed. Without even thinking about it Gabrielle started to put Maddie into a new diaper, Maddie started to look at Gabrielle just a bit quizically at which point Gabrielle stopped herself and asked "Do you want me to? I'm happy to, I can tell you really love diapers." Maddie just nodded and with a big smile on her face Gabrielle finished diapering her, and after standing Maddie up and giving her a loving swat on the butt led her and Alex both into the living room.

"Why don't I make us a nice big breakfast" she said to Maddie and Alex after sitting them on the couch, happily back in her mommy role after a much needed night on the town with her friends. Gabrielle made a huge breakfast for the three of them, while Maddie and Alex started talking about what had happened last night. "Is everything ok?" Alex asked Maddie. "I don't know" Maddie said "I had a lot of fun in the bath with you, but it gave me a lot of weird and new feelings, I may be as much of a baby as you are with a lot of this" she said, at first reeling in disgust at having put it that way, but Alex just smiled at her. "Let's just both be ourselves and go throught it all together then" he said, and with that Maddie gave him a big hug.

"That's excellent advice Alex" Gabrielle said, having heard every word of their conversation as she brought breakfast out to the table and the three of them started eating. "Gabrielle?" Maddie asked "Are you sure it doesn't bother you that I like diapers the way I do?". "Why would it bother me sweetie?" Gabrielle asked. "Because I only wear them for fun and don't need them the way Alex does and I've just become another teenager in diapers for you to worry about . . .". As Maddie started to enter what looked like a pit of despair, Gabrielle just looked at her and said "Maddie its ok! Diapers make you happy and that's all that matters." Then looking at Alex for a minute she continued "I know that Alex is a lot more confident and well adjusted because of his diapers then he would be otherwise, so I know that they can make you feel good. And I really love the way I've been able to bond with Alex when I change his diapers, and I'd like having that with you too."

Gabrielle then looked into Maddie's eyes and took her hand, "Your a member of this family now Maddie, and Alex and I love you no matter what". Maddie almost started to cry, but didn't only because this gave her so much to think about. It was at that moment she realized that the exuberance with which she was enjoying her time with Alex went far beyond romantic curiosity, that her relationship not only with Alex but also with Gabrielle was filling the huge emotional hole in her life, but she worried about wether or not that was anything Gabrielle and Alex could really handle any of it, but now it at least sounded like they could.

Maddie finally left around 3:00 that afternoon, giving big hugs to both Gabrielle and Alex, and after that Gabrielle and Alex just sat on the couch together, talking about everything from music to Gabrielle's evening to everything Alex was going through. Gabrielle assured Alex that he was being responsible about his relationship with Maddie and told him that she was impressed with how much maturity he was showing in general. For whatever reason, that was when Alex decided he wanted to be a baby for a while. "Mommy?" he asked "can I have a bottle?". "Of course sweetie" Gabrielle said as she got up to get his bottle, filling it with chocolate milk and then coming back to the couch, putting Alex back into her arms and fed it to him.

Gabrielle was by leaps and bounds more confident about where everything was headed than she had been the week before, but she was still on pins and needles about what the right signals to Alex were and about fine-tuning the "be yourself" approach with Alex, which was clearly the right one. It was time for her to have one of her long talks with Jackie she thought to herself as Alex fell asleep in her arms after finishing his bottle.